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Adrian Holloway is CEO of, the leading peer and professional networking website for the insurance industry.

Adrian is a technocrat that has lived and worked in different parts of the world. With a problem solving mindset and a practical approach to real-world problems he has led large solution building teams throughout his career. 

Adrian has held high profile CTO/CIO positions before founding and running various technology and insurance service related companies.

When he is not working, Adrian is trail running, skiing, reading non-fiction or playing music.


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Adrian Holloway is a brilliant man and leader. He is passionate about what he does and brings experience and creativity to every encounter. I have loved working directly with him and appreciate everything he has taught me and the team over the years.

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Adrian Holloway


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Adrian Holloway
Here's to a happy and successful 2014 for the insurance industry (and everyone really)! :-)
Adrian Holloway
The Search Dashboard is our most popular premium product this week. The feedback we are getting is very encouraging - check it out here -
Adrian Holloway
Check out the new SECURE shop ( - with great products for Insurance Pro's
Adrian Holloway
Check out the new SECURE shop ( - with great products for Insurance Pro's
Adrian Holloway
New CM members are emailing me about how great the articles are. On behalf of the entire team here - you are welcome. I hope all the new stuff we are adding makes you tons of money and saves you tons of time. :-)
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