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The ethics of Competing with Robots in 2016

Author marindependent , 9/14/2016
We have all been there, the obvious recommendation that costs only a few dollars, the one that the client refuses to purchase but you know they will cry fowl if a claim ever has to come up.   A lesser made algorithm could easily just take the No for a No.  While a skilled insurance agent who is seriously concerned about possible E&O exposure might be sure to confirm that the client fully understands the No in this case.

Are Independent Insurance Agents Asking Enough Questions

Author marindependent , 8/5/2016
"sometimes I wonder that when the Online Revolution finally hit the independent insurance agents channel - if we didn't lose some of the quality time that we all used to have with our clients.  And thus we also lost some of our insight to fully protecting them."

"What is the Answer to this Technological Conundrum?  how do we compete the age of Flo and still offer Best in Class Services?"

Those are my thoughts... What are yours?