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Time is Money

Author AdrianHolloway , 11/19/2014

Time is MoneyIf you consider yourself a professional then time is precious to you. It's a constant, every day battle to maximize your time.

If you saved 6 minutes a day, you could be saving 30 minutes a week or 26 hours a year! At the very minimum, its 1.25% of your annual earnings. So, if you are earning $50k a year, then 26 hours would be about $625 in savings or earnings, and that's the bare minimum.

Subscribers to our Premium Search tool save an average of 6 minutes a day (markets, jobs, company searches, content and library book marks and searches).

So, do you want to make some money? Start with saving some time!

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

Author EdwardMurayama , 9/20/2012
Motor Truck Cargo Insurance 

TCB Insurance Programs have several great Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Programs (MTC) with coverage available for nearly every type of commodity. We have competitive Motor Truck Cargo Insurance rates and very quick turn around for quotes. Most Cargo Truck Insurance quotes can be done by phone or email on the same day.