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  Basic Power Plus Professional
Advertiser Profile & Networking
 Company Profile Listing
 Employee Profiles Listing
 Groups / Discussions
 Company Blog
 Company Reviews
 Press Release Distribution  
 Job Postings $$  1 3
 Storefronts/Products & Services (DIY)  Max 3 Unlimited Unlimited
 Dedicated Marketing Advisor
 One Hour Working Meetings   3 6
 Email Creative Design Included   $$ 3
 Storefront Build-Out   $$ 5
 Targeted Marketing
 Targeted Community  Building    
 Targeted Mix Email Marketing (New)    
 Re-Marketing Email Campaigns Included   $$ 4
 Email Marketing
 Email Campaigns Included (up to 50k recipients)   6 12
 Additional Email Campaigns (up to 50k recipients) $$ $$ $$
 Submissions & Inquiries (with attachments)
 Find A Market Submissions (Tracked)  
 Email Submissions (Tracked)  
 Direct (Phone/Online)  
Reporting & Management
 24/7 Reporting & Monthly Scoreboard  
 Lead Management Dashboard  
 CallTracking & Auto  Attendant    $$
 Targeted Social Media Solutions
 Customize-able Blog    
 Monthly Blog Content Posting (email advt.)     (Monthly)
 Managed CompleteMarkets  Profile