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Dear (Customer Name):

Clients often ask us, 'Do I need to bond every single one of my employees to make certain I'm protected?' The subject of bonds can seem complex, but at (Your Agency Name) we can provide answers to your questions and assure you that your business is protected.

Your bonding needs are unique. How much does a company need to insure against employee theft? Various formulas have been devised by insurance experts, accountants, and bankers, but the truth is, the only way to determine this is to allow bonding experts to take a look at your individual concerns.

Each business has different types of bonds available. We can help you determine whether you need to increase your Blanket Bond on all your employees or increase the limits on certain positions in your firm.

Let us take a look at your situation - your present coverage, the number of employees who have access to funds, and your loss history. In one appointment, we can make certain your coverage is complete and updated.


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