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Dear (Customer Name):

You don't know for certain which horse is going to win the Kentucky Derby, or which stock will double next month. You can never be certain about what the future will bring. The same thing applies to your business.

You have probably insured your business against the disasters that could commonly happen - fire, windstorm, burglary, and so on. But these aren't the only things that can destroy your business - what about burst pipes, building collapse, or an infinite number of other less common, but completely unpredictable types of perils?

Since you can't see the future, it's wise to protect your business on an All-Risk basis. (Your Agency Name) can arrange for you to get this coverage - it protects you against all risk of physical damage except for a few that are necessarily and specifically excluded in the policy (such as war and wear and tear).

Don't gamble by predicting a future that holds only specified perils for your business. It could hold a lot more, and you'd lose.

We'll call you in a few days for an appointment to discuss this all-inclusive concept.


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