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Ask Questions Before Taking Your Next Sales Job

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If you’re in sales, you know the feeling. It’s the middle of the night about two weeks after starting a new job. You were enthusiastic and could hardly wait to get going. Now, your head is full of doubts. You try to shove them aside, but they don’t go away. “Everything is new,” you tell yourself. “I just need to give it a little more time.” However, the doubts keep coming back.
The gap between what you were told about the job and what’s actually happening grows wider by the day. After about three weeks, you finally ask yourself, “Have I made a mistake?”

Calculating "Bonus" Overtime Wages

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CALCULATING lsquo;BONUS OVERTIME WAGES by Don Phin Many employers are freezing wages, telling employees that any additional pay will come in the form of a bonus if the...

Checklist Of Considerations In Negotiating A Producer/Agency Agreement

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This checklist outlines the major factors an insurance agency and a producer should consider in negotiating an employment agreement. It should not be construed as a specimen contract or agreement but merely a guide for reaching a meeting of the minds over subjects important to both parties. If you are engaged in this kind of negotiation now, use this form to check off these considerations in the blocks provided, as they are agreed upon. Be sure to consult an attorney for assistance in drafting the legal language necessary to implement a formal contract.

Creating A Service Need In A Commodity World

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David and Goliath is no longer news. These days, all a boy needs to kill a big man is a gun instead of a sling and a rock. Similarly, technology has created a new world of competition. A David who understands technology can successfully compete against any corporate Goliath.

Database Marketing - High-Tech Selling

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DATABASE MARKETING - HIGH-TECH SELLING by David Beaton Looking for ways to improve sales and profits? A technique that many brokers are finding very effective is ...

Employee Shortages

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EMPLOYEE SHORTAGES by Chris Burand According to US Banks December 2000 Simply Business, the U.S. will have 151 million jobs, but only 141 million workers by 2006. Other forecasts...

Epl And E&O: What You Need To Know

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My office has advised our clients about the explosion in the EPL insurance market for some time now. The market is encouraging: More insureds are making EPL insurance part of their insurance portfolio. Consequently, the number of markets offering EPL insurance has expanded, doubling the number of new EPL policy forms and increasing insurance capacity.

Ethylene Oxide Standards

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On June 22, 1984, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a standard which set a limit on worker exposure to ethylene oxide (EtO) averaged over an either hour day to protect about 68,000 workers exposed to the substance. The standard was amended April 6, 1988, to further reduce the health risk associated with EtO by requiring control of short-term exposure to EtO as well. Workers primarily employed by hospitals and medical products manufacturers will benefit most from the 1988 amendment.

Finding A Public Relations Advisor For Your Agency

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As your agency grows, you will probably recognize the need for the services of a public relations (PR) advisor to help you get media exposure.
To choose the appropriate PR advisor, you should have a good idea of what to expect in the way of services, what you need (or more accurately, want to accomplish), where to look for an advisor, and how to select one. Not an easy task, but it's a lot more manageable if you plan ahead.

Finding Agency Personnel

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FINDING AGENCY PERSONNEL by John Caswell 'Good help is hard to find.' That old adage has never seemed more true, given the increasing difficulty employers are experiencing when looking to fill an ...

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