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Equipment Rental - "Your Equipment Is Valuable"

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Dear (Customer Name): Do you know how much all your equipment is worth? Quite a bit, right? Now, think about how many potential liability risks you...

Ethylene Oxide Standards

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On June 22, 1984, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a standard which set a limit on worker exposure to ethylene oxide (EtO) averaged over an either hour day to protect about 68,000 workers exposed to the substance. The standard was amended April 6, 1988, to further reduce the health risk associated with EtO by requiring control of short-term exposure to EtO as well. Workers primarily employed by hospitals and medical products manufacturers will benefit most from the 1988 amendment.

Gem Scam Recycled: An Old Fraud Returns

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GEM SCAM RECYCLED: AN OLD FRAUD RETURNS by Joel Volker Recycling isn't always a good thing. Here's an example of a form of recycling we hoped we'd never see again: An American broker recently con...

Insuring For The Worst

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In light of the September 11 tragedy, a coverage review of all of your accounts is more vital than ever, for you and for your clients. In this...

The Sweet Little Old Lady

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FRAUDBUSTERS: THE SWEET LITTLE OLD LADY by Barry Zalma The insured was 82 years old and bored. She had been born shortly after the turn of the century to a wealthy family of Connecticut merchant...

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