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Selling insurance isn't easy. Agency principals, producers, and staff can still reap rewards, but their ranks are thinning under pressure from lower premiums, reduced commissions, and greater demands from carriers and clients. Add to this the ever-increasing expense of technology.
The formula for a great insurance career used to be simple: 'Work hard for 20 years building the book of business, and the book will take care of you for the 20 years after that.' Not anymore.

10 Ways To Fight Telephone Fraud

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10 WAYS TO FIGHT TELEPHONE FRAUD by Peter van Aartrijk Jr. Telephone industry analysts estimate that telephone fraud in the United States costs businesses and residences as much as $4 billion pe...

11 Surefire Tactics To Gain Control Of Receivables

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11 SUREFIRE TACTICS TO GAIN CONTROL OF RECEIVABLES by Ken Buehler If you have a receivables problem, now is the best time to contain it. Most agencies with receivables problems believe th...

'So dawn goes down today, nothing gold can stay.'
Robert Frost
'There are no more power elites.'
Manuel Castels in The Information Age
The painfully obvious implication of these quotes can be seen in the business world: IBM pulls its PCs out of retail venues because it no longer considers them profitable. The Wall Street Journal reported that in 1998, there were $301 billion in sales via the Internet, while the manufacturing sector did $350 billion in overall business. It took the Internet roughly 36 months to reach this figure; manufacturing needed 150 years.

24-7 Service Pays

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24-7 SERVICE PAYS by Pegi Flahault A recent survey indicated that the vast majority of agents surveyed believed their customer base did not want 24/7 service, voice mail, e-mail or anyth...

5 Lessons - The Modern fundamentals of Insurance Agency Marketing

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But, this article is about the fundamentals of marketing and communications for an insurance agency (or any consumer facing business's marketing). In my opinion, if you can stick to nurturing these fundamentals regularly, then all the advanced and future enhancements will come naturally. It doesn't matter whether the role you play in the agency is Principal, Producer, CSR, Admin or any customer facing role, in more ways than one, these fundamentals should apply to you.

A Balanced Approach To Marketing

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A BALANCED APPROACH TO MARKETING by Steve Anderson Just like you, each week I receive e-mails and read articles from different business and marketing experts. A common theme Ive no...

A One-Minute Marketing Plan

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A ONE-MINUTE MARKETING PLAN byPatricia Czech Whether you're planning a new Web site or your site is already up and running, here's some inside information you need t...

A Quick And Easy Web Marketing Plan

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A QUICK AND EASY WEB MARKETING PLAN by Jack Fries Whether youre planning or upgrading your Web site, these proven principles can help. Web surfing is a fast-paced sport. ...

Acord Targets Global Standards

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Globalization and technology have affected every industry, including insurance. This has moved ACORD to participate in organizations and program...

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