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‘Change Or Die!’ The Culture Of Your Organization

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lsquo;CHANGE OR DIE! THE CULTURE OF YOUR ORGANIZATION by Mike Manes Should you attempt to change the culture of your organization? Mike Manes recommends that you restruct...

‘Dedicated’ Agency Management

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lsquo;DEDICATED AGENCY MANAGEMENT by Chris Burand Once your agency reaches a certain size, dedicated agency management is essential for continued success. Agencies ar...

‘It Ain't Easy Being A Customer Anymore!'

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lsquo;IT AIN'T EASY BEING A CUSTOMER ANYMORE!' by Mike Manes The good news about being a poor old Cajun boy (I've been criticized for using this term to describe my...

‘Power Shift’ – Niche Marketing In Today’S World

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lsquo;POWER SHIFT - NICHE MARKETING IN TODAYS WORLD by Mike Manes This article by Mike Manes is the setup for an argument on niche marketing. Manes relies on a...

‘Take The Kid Off My Policies…’ What Should Your Insurance Agency Do?

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lsquo;TAKE THE KID OFF MY POLICIEShellip; WHAT SHOULD YOUR INSURANCE AGENCY DO? by Curtis Pearsall, CPCU Recently, a long-time agency associate contacted me; during our c...

‘You Can’t Get There From Here!’ - A New Map For Future Success

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How to earn the confidence and commitment of your employees, customers, and stakeholders in today’s changing world.

We’ve all heard this joke: A local “hayseed” tries giving directions to a tourist, becomes frustrated, and ends the inquiry by saying simply, “You can’t get there from here.” The humor of this scene lies in its absurdity.

10 Tips To Help You Become A Better Manager

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Whether you’re running a mega-agency or a boutique, following these proven management guidelines makes sense.
Learn what motivates each of your employees
Use this information to help manage their performance. Although status, power, or additional authority might motivate some people, others might be more excited by the opportunity for tapping into their flair for creative, job-related activities or more face-to-face contact with customers. Rewarding good employees with assignment that speak to their unique motivations, interest and long-range career goals can help you retain them.

22 Effective Ways To Outmarket The Competition

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22 EFFECTIVE WAYS TO OUTMARKET THE COMPETITION by John Graham Outmarketing competitors is easy - if you do it right. This takes a combination of work and savvy, but the results ...

A ‘Failed’ Plan And The Solution

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A lsquo;FAILED PLAN AND THE SOLUTION By Al Diamond This letter from an Agency Consulting Group client, together with my reply, speak for themselves: Dear Al, I...

A Final Reason To ‘Guide’ For Commercial Lines Referrals

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A FINAL REASON TO lsquo;GUIDE FOR COMMERCIAL LINES REFERRALS by Gil Simonds In the previous article, I promised to provide one last reason to guide for referrals...

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