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Articles tagged with customer

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THANK YOU - SOLICIT WORKERS COMP THANK YOU! Dear (Customer Name), We don't often take the time to say thank you to our customers, but we wanted to let you know we apprecia...

‘It Ain't Easy Being A Customer Anymore!'

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lsquo;IT AIN'T EASY BEING A CUSTOMER ANYMORE!' by Mike Manes The good news about being a poor old Cajun boy (I've been criticized for using this term to describe my...

10 Ways To Fight Telephone Fraud

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10 WAYS TO FIGHT TELEPHONE FRAUD by Peter van Aartrijk Jr. Telephone industry analysts estimate that telephone fraud in the United States costs businesses and residences as much as $4 billion pe...

There's nothing better for business than a booming economy. Unfortunately, it often encourages faulty thinking and spawns erroneous ideas. When sales are strong and profits meet projections, we're quick to take the credit. When things go sour, external forces get the blame.
A good economy tends to mask distorted thinking and inappropriate ideas. For example, personal computer sales have been drifting downward, even while prices have been dropping. Manufacturers are petrified. Out of near desperation, they jack up power to a sizzling 500 MHz to try to capture customer attention. Just as this happens, free PCs appear. In the midst of all this, one company rediscovers itself. To IBM's credit, it figured out what business it's in: solutions.

'So dawn goes down today, nothing gold can stay.'
Robert Frost
'There are no more power elites.'
Manuel Castels in The Information Age
The painfully obvious implication of these quotes can be seen in the business world: IBM pulls its PCs out of retail venues because it no longer considers them profitable. The Wall Street Journal reported that in 1998, there were $301 billion in sales via the Internet, while the manufacturing sector did $350 billion in overall business. It took the Internet roughly 36 months to reach this figure; manufacturing needed 150 years.

22 Effective Ways To Outmarket The Competition

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22 EFFECTIVE WAYS TO OUTMARKET THE COMPETITION by John Graham Outmarketing competitors is easy - if you do it right. This takes a combination of work and savvy, but the results ...

22 Ways To Out-Market The Competition

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Out-marketing your competitors is easy if you do it right. It takes a combination of work and savvy, but the results can...

24 Ways To Change With The Times And Build Sales

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Just when we think we've grasped what's happening in business, something changes to disrupt the precarious balance. It may occur in the economy, an industry, a region, a particular market, or technology that alters even the most flexible business plan.

Establishing a strategy, then staying with it, was possible for most businesses until the last decade. Planning a year or more in advance was relatively easy. Ups and downs would occur but with a high degree of predictability. Hitting sales and revenue targets was almost a natural outcome.

24-7 Service Pays

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24-7 SERVICE PAYS by Pegi Flahault A recent survey indicated that the vast majority of agents surveyed believed their customer base did not want 24/7 service, voice mail, e-mail or anyth...

25 Ways To Do Direct Mail –– Better

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Despite fax, e-mail, and Web site marketing, direct mail remains one of the most effective methods for conveying your company’s message to prospective clients. John Graham provides tips for making your direct mail efforts as powerful as possible in this document.

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