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10 Basic Planning Initiatives That Will Add To Your Bottom Line

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10 BASIC PLANNING INITIATIVES THAT WILL ADD TO YOUR BOTTOM LINE by Ken Buehler The need for planning has never been greater. While planning focuses on profit...

10 Steps To Overcome Competition

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10 STEPS TO OVERCOME COMPETITION by Jack Burke Remember the first time you experienced a Chinese box set? As each box opened to reveal a smaller box, you wondered with childlike curiosi...

10 Tips To Help You Become A Better Manager

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Whether you’re running a mega-agency or a boutique, following these proven management guidelines makes sense.
Learn what motivates each of your employees
Use this information to help manage their performance. Although status, power, or additional authority might motivate some people, others might be more excited by the opportunity for tapping into their flair for creative, job-related activities or more face-to-face contact with customers. Rewarding good employees with assignment that speak to their unique motivations, interest and long-range career goals can help you retain them.

100 Easy Ways To Begin A Sales Letter (Part One)

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100 EASY WAYS TO BEGIN A SALES LETTER (PART 1) by Herschell Gordon Lewis Every writer knows the one great truth of direct response letter writing. At the moment reading begins, you're ...

13 Techniques For Subverting A Marketing Program

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The goal in business is to outdistance the competition and make profitable sales by producing more customer-friendly products or services. To reach this goal, you need an advantage to improve your batting average-but it's getting more difficult and complicated to obtain this advantage, let alone keep it.

14 Proven Ways To Waste Your Marketing Dollars

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A CPA firm spends $11,200 on a Web site that attracts only a handful of visitors. An insurance agency invests $80,000 in an advertising campaign and no one sees the ads. An alternative health clinic sends out 8,000 direct mail fliers and gets 26 responses. A manufacturer spends $28,000 on an attractive brochure that no one uses.

14 Tips For Sending Effective Press Releases

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14 TIPS FOR SENDING EFFECTIVE PRESS RELEASES by John Hewitt Know whom to send it to, not just where. Find out who the editor or reporter is for the section you want your release to a...

15 Ways To Keep Your Business Booming

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Becoming accustomed to a growing economy is easy and dangerous. Although there are always pockets of problems, we forget that success is often more the result of a good economy than our business acumen. If everyone else is doing well, our major challenge becomes how to pull ahead of the pack. Unfortunately, many business people tend to get a bit lazy-and that's when we can get caught.
There are ways to become more successful, keep business booming, and give companies the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. Here are 15 ways to develop an extra edge:

'So dawn goes down today, nothing gold can stay.'
Robert Frost
'There are no more power elites.'
Manuel Castels in The Information Age
The painfully obvious implication of these quotes can be seen in the business world: IBM pulls its PCs out of retail venues because it no longer considers them profitable. The Wall Street Journal reported that in 1998, there were $301 billion in sales via the Internet, while the manufacturing sector did $350 billion in overall business. It took the Internet roughly 36 months to reach this figure; manufacturing needed 150 years.

22 Ways To Out-Market The Competition

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Out-marketing your competitors is easy if you do it right. It takes a combination of work and savvy, but the results can...

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