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A Boy Named Sue: A Guide To Producer Training

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A BOY NAMED SUE: A GUIDE TO PRODUCER TRAINING by Chris Burand A successful producer training program creates a powerful competitive advantage. Many readers are probably familia...

‘Change Or Die!’ The Culture Of Your Organization

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lsquo;CHANGE OR DIE! THE CULTURE OF YOUR ORGANIZATION by Mike Manes Should you attempt to change the culture of your organization? Mike Manes recommends that you restruct...

‘Why Should I Work For You?’

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I recently listened to an interview with Vic Conant of Nightingale-Conant talking about the shift in their program sales. During the 80s and 90s, such corporate names Tom Peters and Warren Bennis dominated program sales. However, since the early 2000s, there’s been a significant shift to programs for those want to become in charge of their own destiny. This “Brand You” trend has been going on for more than a decade, posing a significant exposure to today’s companies. As the workforce ages and changes, we’re going to have less available talent than ever. Given future economic uncertainty, more and more of the available talent will opt out to work for themselves.

10 Rules For Family-Run Businesses

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10 RULES FOR FAMILY-RUN BUSINESSES by Catherine Oak Family businesses can be a blessing or a disaster. The root of a well-run family business depends on treating it like a business, not a...

10 Tips To Garner Quality Referrals

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10 TIPS TO GARNER QUALITY REFERRALS by Bill Cates In this document, Bill Cates offers 10 tips you can act on quickly that will start to increase your flow of quality...

10 Tips To Help You Become A Better Manager

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Whether you’re running a mega-agency or a boutique, following these proven management guidelines makes sense.
Learn what motivates each of your employees
Use this information to help manage their performance. Although status, power, or additional authority might motivate some people, others might be more excited by the opportunity for tapping into their flair for creative, job-related activities or more face-to-face contact with customers. Rewarding good employees with assignment that speak to their unique motivations, interest and long-range career goals can help you retain them.

10-Step Referral Prospecting System

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10-STEP REFERRAL PROSPECTING SYSTEM: SELLING/PROSPECTING/LEADS by Bill Cates You can create a steady flow of high-qual...

12 Low-Budget Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Business

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12 LOW-BUDGET MARKETING IDEAS TO BOOST YOUR BUSINESS by Emily Huling Its nearing years end, or weeks end for that matter, and your people are looking just ...

'So dawn goes down today, nothing gold can stay.'
Robert Frost
'There are no more power elites.'
Manuel Castels in The Information Age
The painfully obvious implication of these quotes can be seen in the business world: IBM pulls its PCs out of retail venues because it no longer considers them profitable. The Wall Street Journal reported that in 1998, there were $301 billion in sales via the Internet, while the manufacturing sector did $350 billion in overall business. It took the Internet roughly 36 months to reach this figure; manufacturing needed 150 years.

5 Lessons - The Modern fundamentals of Insurance Agency Marketing

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But, this article is about the fundamentals of marketing and communications for an insurance agency (or any consumer facing business's marketing). In my opinion, if you can stick to nurturing these fundamentals regularly, then all the advanced and future enhancements will come naturally. It doesn't matter whether the role you play in the agency is Principal, Producer, CSR, Admin or any customer facing role, in more ways than one, these fundamentals should apply to you.

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