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More than just E-mail

Author JeffreyVann , 12/17/2013
We have been compared to a standard email vendor a few times recently.

To be perfectly honest that kind of annoys me ... We here at CompleteMarkets strive to be in a category of one and are always innovating, enhancing and improving so we can be the best marketing partner possible for...

[Video]Who Else Wants To Write More Premium And Get Submissions Today?!

Author JeffreyVann , 12/11/2013

Do you write HO, Work Comp or Rental Car Agency?

I am going to give you a bit of a hidden gem here, there are agents looking for markets and risks to place all the time at CompleteMarkets (Agents Looking to Place risks are here!)

It's an easy and free way to get extra leads. Not just for the agent/ agency that submitted the request but all the other agents that view the thread with similar risks they are looking to place.

Empire Underwriters
Great American Ins Co
Siegel Agency
Appalachian Underwriters

These wholesalers are taking advantage of these market requests for free, why aren’t you?

If you're not in the game, you’re not gonna score.

Log-in or Sign up today!

Agents Looking to Place risks are here!

Commit to Being an Expert and Authority

Author JeffreyVann , 11/20/2013

If you told me 20 years ago that I would be able to reach out to millions of people with the touch of a button and a few keystrokes or would be able to message on a one to one basis with hundreds of thousands of people I would have said you were crazy.

With the ability to broadcast your voice and build a following of millions of people...