Born online, forged from technology. Founded in 2007, BindDesk is a wholesale insurance brokerage serving the various needs of retail insurance brokers. Independently owned, we take pride in our niche markets and hustling attitude that ultimately serve our clients well. A rational group, we know we're not the market for everything, so we don't ask you to send us everything. We'll keep you apprised of what we KNOW we're good at so that when you come to us we're likely to write business. You'll know when to think about us.

Builder's Risks with GL, Restaurants, Lessor's Risks- ONLINE

Author GregLiewald , 2/8/2017
BindDesk has a the ability to rate online in minutes for your Builder's Risk clients and their needs!

Paper GC’s Rated in Seconds

Author GregLiewald , 1/23/2017
BindDesk offers a variety of programs to handle the vast scenarios you might run into with your Contractors and their General Liability Insurance needs.

Response to Your Inquiry

Author GregLiewald , 9/12/2016
To refresh your memory, we have multiple markets for Contractors GL to suit the many needs of your contractors. We'd be happy to discuss our programs in depth and see if we're a good fit for your agency. Let us know the best way to schedule time on your calendar!