Chesapeake Life Insurance Co

The Chesapeake Life Insurance Company is one of the leading brands of supplemental insurance coverage in the United States, helping to provide financial security for Americans of all ages and their families. Our comprehensive portfolio of products is available in 46 states and the District of Columbia and includes dental, vision, and other insurance plans that complement an individual’s health insurance. These plans help provide an additional layer of protection in the event of accidental injury, catastrophic illness, hospitalization or cancer.

Expand Your Interest In Increasing Commission

Author JeffSpain1 , 9/26/2016
I hear you are interested in making more commission in 2016. Many producers are pleasantly surprised at how easy and lucrative selling these products are, when they partner with the right company – Surebridge (A Chesapeake Life Insurance Company).

Grow revenue with an easier, proven cross sell process from Chesapeake.

Author JeffSpain1 , 8/22/2016
Are you looking for more revenue from your existing client base, or new complementary products to cross sell?
Let us show you exactly how you can use supplemental health products (Critical Illness, Accident Companion, Hospital Confinement) to increase your revenue.

Supplemental Products for Trusted Advisors

Author JeffSpain1 , 7/25/2016
Today's Trusted Advisors help their clients
manage their risks by offering home, auto, health
supplemental insurance and life. If you are not
offering your clients supplemental insurance and life,
your competition more than likely is