The need for Term Life is Real

Why the masses should instantly consider Term Life Insurance. The Best Reasons to Consider Term Life

The Need for Ethics when Selling Life Insurance?

Author marindependent , 12/5/2016
The other day I was caught up in a debate with a colleague about a certain sales technique used to sell Whole Life Insurance policies. 

Whole Life Insurance just feels like an old stodgy form of clothing that people just don't wear anymore.    It feels incredibly dated. 

As insurance agents, we have all sat through sales seminars that push the boundaries.  Sales ideas that seem... very one sided.

Its Easy to Forget about the Stay At Home Parents Life Insurance Needs

Author marindependent , 11/17/2016
One thing is for certain with couples.  Both spouses usually need some form of term life insurance...
A Stay At Home Dad needs life insurance just as much as the working mom. 

The Life Insurance Revolution

Author marindependent , 8/17/2016
Yet Insurance Agents on a daily basis are pushing whole life as a retirement product?

With the numbers so in favor of Term Life as the basic starter option, than why is Whole Life pitched by so many insurance agent?

Do I personally, want Life Insurance for my whole life?  Not if I live the long life I imagine.

8 Ways to Procure Term Life Insurance

Author marindependent , 5/18/2016
A Vast Majority of Americans can Benefit from Term Life Insurance
8 Places to Purchase Term Life Insurance
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