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Technology for SMB's Without the Traditional Cost or Complexity

Author MicrosoftforWork , 7/1/2015

Do you remember your first job? I certainly do: I managed a windsurfing shop in Denmark, my home country. The only technology I had available to help me run things was a telephone that I had to share with the electrician next door. We didn’t have computers, a security system, or even a cash register. Somehow I made it all work; but looking back now, I’m amazed at how technology has made it so much easier for small businesses to operate smoothly and efficiently.

How SMB's Harness the Cloud

Author MicrosoftforWork , 6/24/2015

As an IT industry analyst, I report on how cloud IT adoption has grown with US small and medium businesses. Historically, the smaller business space has been more conservative when approaching new IT services that are hosted offsite. However, the results of my most recent surveys were startling: 2014 served as a great awakening for SMB IT managers, owners, and CIOs to the benefits of cloud IT.

A Better Way to Pay for IT Investments

Author MicrosoftforWork , 6/17/2015

When I ran my last mail-order technical software company, we needed a much larger order processing system to accommodate our growth. The heart-stopping upfront investment was $100,000 in hardware, a dedicated IT person, and six months of migration. In the end, there was no guarantee, after spending this time and money, that it would be more effective for my company.

When it Comes to Your Business, it’s Not if You Should Take Advantage of Cloud-Computing, it’s How You Should.

Author MicrosoftforWork , 6/10/2015

Even after all of these years of hearing about the “cloud,” it’s understandable if you’re still not entirely sure what it means for your business. Lots of tech people will give you various definitions of what the cloud means, but it’s not really as difficult—or as confusing—as they may make it seem. To me, the cloud is just the Internet. And because access to the Internet has become so much easier and faster over the years, we’re able to store our data just about anywhere and access our data from just about any device.

Make Sure Life on the Road isn’t Interrupted by Data Theft

Author MicrosoftforWork , 6/3/2015

The rise of the mobile workforce means a rise in the need to secure your data. If you take advantage of public Wi-Fi, you’re putting your devices and data at risk. Worse, if your device is lost or stolen, so is your company and personal data.

5 simple tips to securing your PC

Author MicrosoftforWork , 5/27/2015

Whether at work, home, or mobile, keeping your computer and other devices secure is important. There are any number of threats to security on the web, but keeping your personal and work data safe is relatively easy. It may take a few minutes to get things set up, but after that, things mostly take care of themselves and you can sit back, relax, and enjoy worry-free computer time.

Protecting online information

Author MicrosoftforWork , 5/20/2015

Every company today is at huge risk of losing sensitive, privacy-protected information to hackers. Every company today … is susceptible to state actors attacking their systems to get very sensitive, proprietary business information. And every company today, to some extent or another, is at risk of having their public-facing systems taken down through denial of services attacks.

What’s more secure; financial records locked in a filing cabinet or financial records stored in the cloud?

Author MicrosoftforWork , 5/13/2015

Pop quiz time. What’s more secure; financial records locked in a filing cabinet or financial records stored in the cloud?


If you don’t understand how cloud security works, you probably said the filing cabinet. It’s time for a little mythbusting about how secure your paperless office could be.

Categories: Cyber Security

Mobile security and the ways to mitigate data risk in a BYOD environment

Author MicrosoftforWork , 5/6/2015

Mobile devices are the mighty double-edged swords of today’s workplace. On the one hand, they provide greater integration of information, on the other, they could be your business’s one-way ticket to a catastrophic security breach. This week we had the amazing opportunity to speak with Anthony Kinney, Microsoft’s Verizon Partner Manager, about mobile security and the ways to mitigate data risk in a BYOD environment.

Cybersecurity Tips from a Professional Hacker

Author MicrosoftforWork , 4/29/2015

Cybersecurity is definitely no longer a server room issue,” says David Finn, Executive Director at the Microsoft Cybercrime Center. “It’s a boardroom issue.” He notes that on average, it takes 243 days before an organization even knows that it was penetrated by a cybercriminal.

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