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4 tips to make content marketing part of the customer journey

Author MicrosoftforWork , 8/26/2015
More and more businesses are realizing that content marketing is a necessary means of communicating with customers. But it's hard to know what effect content marketing has on the bottom line. To make sure you're posting the most effective content, make sure it serves a purpose for the customers—giving them relevant information that they need—to keep them coming back to your business. 

The Modern Office: How Place and Space Affect Productivity

Author MicrosoftforWork , 7/15/2015

If you've worked in an office, you know there are often many obstacles to productivity. Whether it's too many interruptions, a loud coworker, or just poor communication - there are things, specific to the work environment, that detract from your ability to work. Over the years, office spaces have evolved to suit modern working styles, but there are still inefficiencies that need to be ironed out. Here's a look at where we've been, where we're going, and how these changes will impact workplace productivity. 

Technology for SMB's Without the Traditional Cost or Complexity

Author MicrosoftforWork , 7/1/2015

Do you remember your first job? I certainly do: I managed a windsurfing shop in Denmark, my home country. The only technology I had available to help me run things was a telephone that I had to share with the electrician next door. We didn’t have computers, a security system, or even a cash register. Somehow I made it all work; but looking back now, I’m amazed at how technology has made it so much easier for small businesses to operate smoothly and efficiently.

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