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PMC Insurance Group, Temporary Staffing Program

Author DavidMalloy , 2/15/2012
PMC Insurance Group, MA

Temporary Staffing Program

PMC Insurance Group, located in MA,  is pleased to offer workers compensation and risk management services to the Staffing Industry. Historically, finding workers' compensation coverage was difficult for this class of business. We have partnered with an A+ rated insurance carrier and RCS Services Inc., the American Staffing Association (ASA) endorsed loss control firm, to find that solution. We will work with your agency and client in the management and reduction of their overall work comp costs.
Target Firms:

  • Temporary Staffing, Executive Staffing, Outplacement and Permanent Placement
  • Professional, Clerical, Hospitality, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Light Industrial

Program Parameters:

  • $50,000 Minimum Premium
  • Guaranteed Cost and Large Deductibles available
  • Pre loss Control survey required, by RCS Services Inc.
  • PEO's are not eligible

Submission Guidelines:

  • ACORD Work Comp application
  • 5 yr Loss Runs (with detail on claims over $25,000)
  • Experience Mod worksheet
  • Financials (if no D&B is available)
  • Copy of safety policy and procedures
  • Client List
  • Brochures and sales materials
  • Completed Temporary Staffing Supplemental Application

Insurance Program Qualification:

RCS works with clients interested in PMC's Staffing Program, in the prequalifying of loss control programs and class code analysis to confirm acceptable levels of compliance within the underwriting requirements prior to binding coverage.

RCS Services Inc.
Since 1993, RCS based certification methods have been recognized as a leading loss control consultant in the staffing industry by A rated insurers. Enabling staffing companies to certify their commitment to, and results from, risk management programming is a core function of RCS. The RCS endorsement compliments traditional underwriting with the assurance that a company's operational commitment to risk management is fundamental and supported by best practices.

Temporary Staffing Certification Program

WRC Program

The Workers Compensation and Risk Certification (WRC) initiative publicly recognizes companies who operate at the highest levels in regards to safety and risk management. Drawing influence from the ISO family of standards, this corporate designation provides certified companies leverage in underwriting negotiations, a role in public advocacy of the industry, and a distinct advantage in the staffing marketplace.
RCS is the exclusive company deemed qualified to evaluate, train, and certify companies underneath the WRC standard. This staffing-specific certification program is administered in partnership with the American Staffing Association (ASA). The program's foundation is a proven industry standard certified by the WRC Advisory Council, composed of esteemed representation from insurance brokerages, staffing firm risk management, and insurance carriers.

To learn more, contact PMC at 877-PMC-COMP

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Five New Ways To Grow Your Health Care book of Business

Author DavidMalloy , 2/13/2012

The Hartford has long been a market leader for the outpatient healthcare industry, and we continue to enhance our offerings to help make it easy to grow your healthcare book of business.

Register for this webinar to learn more about The Hartford's new Outpatient Healthcare offerings: Wednesday, May 19 1:00 - 2:00 pm ESTWednesday, May 26 1:00 - 2:00 pm EST

Business Owner's Policy (BOP)

1. Streamlined and enhanced Healthcare Stretch endorsements* (available 5/12/10)
  • We have streamlined the number of Stretch options available to Outpatient Healthcare classes to simplify the coverage selection process. The Stretch options available create a "Good, Better, Best" coverage approach:
    • Stretch
    • Super Stretch For Medical and Dental Offices and Healthcare Service Providers
    • Premium Stretch For Medical and Dental Offices and Healthcare Service Providers
  • The new Super and Premium Healthcare Stretch endorsements provide broader coverage offerings:
    • Higher blanket limits for key coverages important to healthcare practices
    • New optional daily limit options for Business Income that make it easier for healthcare practices to recover income from canceled patient appointments due to a covered loss
    • New spoilage coverage tailored to the specific needs of the healthcare industry

2. Inclusion of high-valued MRIs, CT Scans, Linear Accelerators, and Lithotripters on Spectrum* (available 5/12/10)
  • In the past, if insureds had any MRIs, CT Scans, Linear Accelerators, and Lithotripters valued over $1MM, all of this equipment became ineligible for the Spectrum policy and had to be excluded.
  • We can now offer coverage including Equipment Breakdown under Spectrum on these types of equipment, without being subject to a value threshold. A rating factor to Equipment Breakdown** and minimum Equipment Breakdown deductible requirements will apply (will be determined by the type of equipment covered and controls in place). Replacement cost values of all equipment must be provided, and the replacement cost value must be included in the Business Personal Property limit.

3. New Optional Limits for "Reimbursement of Legal Expenses For Court Or Review Boards" coverage (available now)
  • Spectrum automatically includes a $5,000 limit for specified healthcare classes
  • Now have the option to purchase additional limits ($25k, $50k, $75k)

Workers' Compensation

4. New Workers' Compensation needlestick reimbursement program
(available now)
  • Now includes reimbursement for the initial cost of testing the patient for blood-borne diseases in addition to the employee
  • Not all Workers' Compensation insurance reimburses for patient testing, which saves insureds costs and gives affected employees peace of mind
  • To learn more about The Hartford's new Workers' Compensation needlestick reimbursement program, click here to view the short video

Needlestick Video

Market Expansion

5. New Healthcare classes
(available now)
  • Spectrum BOP and Workers' Compensation are now available for Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Dialysis Centers, and Medical Spas
  • The larger than average premium for these classes can help grow your business

For more information on how to grow this area of your practice, call PMC Insurance Group, located in MA

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Author DavidMalloy , 2/10/2012

Business owners swap horror stories about many government agencies, unreasonable regulations and the high cost of compliance. Certainly the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has been viewed as a tough taskmaster. Worker safety, however, is serious business; and OSHA offers valuable services to small businesses.

Workplace safety benefits your bottom line as well as the health of your employees. OSHA offers many services to small businesses including reactive management services, proactive services, and training and educational services. Just like your employees, these services must be properly managed for your profit. Read more on the PMC Newsletter.

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Author DavidMalloy , 2/8/2012
PMC Insurance GroupIf you have mobile employees, make sure that they're using their cell phones behind the wheel in a safe manner. Provide a safety policy that clearly defines and limits cell phone usage while driving and provides penalties for violations. Seek the input of mobile employees and managers to help ensure that your policy is enforceable, fair, and realistic. We'd recommend taking these steps.  

PMC Insurance Group has lots of tips for Business owners. We are the leading Workers Comp provider!

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Author DavidMalloy , 2/7/2012
Managing your business' risk:  

$100,000,000,000 a year. That's how much the federal government estimates that drug and alcohol abuse costs American businesses. If you think your organization is immune, bear in mind that nearly three in four of adult abusers are employed -- some of them perhaps by you. You might know these people by their absentee records: They're likely to be gone at 2.5 times the rate of the average employee -- or perhaps by their Workers Comp claims: Three to five times those of non-abusers.

If nothing else, you'll know them by how much they cost your health plan: 300% higher than non-abusers (not to mention the far greater human costs to co-workers, families -- and the abusers themselves).

Despite the highly publicized war on drugs, there's no overall federal drug-free workplace law for the private sector. Although a few states require drug-free workplaces, others take the voluntary approach. For example, some 13 states reduce Workers Comp premiums for businesses with a drug-free workplace program.

If you create such a program, observe these guidelines:

  • Create a policy. Be sure to ban illegal drugs and abuse of alcohol expressly; to state specifically which drugs and related acts are banned; to explain the steps you will take to back these edicts; and to detail the consequences for their violation.
  • Develop a testing program. Decide whom to test, when to test (e.g. pre-employment, random, regular, reasonable suspicion, incident-related), who will do the test (preferably a certified independent lab, with at least two tests showing positive), and what will happen after a positive finding.
  • Decide what to do with abusers. Although some organizations simply discipline or terminate them, others see abusers as valued employees with a problem, who are well worth saving. For this reason, many companies create Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) to deal with drug and alcohol issues off site. Establishing an EAP shows respect for your employees and offers an alternative to dismissal.
  • Define the role of your supervisors. As the management level closest to employees, supervisors will probably be the first to notice the signs of abuse. They need tutoring on what to look for, and how to document and deal with it. Most important is what supervisors should not do -- attempt to diagnose what are essentially medical issues, or to counsel abusers. Their role is to report behavior and support what abuse experts decide are appropriate responses to individual situations.
  • Communicate to employees the details of your program, the effects of abuse, and the importance of understanding the problem and reacting in a supportive way.

For more tips on how to save money and help your employees, read the PMC  Online Newsletter here.

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About PMC Insurance Group

Author DavidMalloy , 1/27/2012

PMC Insurance Group was formed to help the independent agent expand their marketing capabilities by providing them workers' compensation products and programs for a broad class of businesses. We are committed to providing value-added service, superior products, and competitive pricing. Our continued success, shared by our clients, has helped PMC become one of the largest workers' compensation wholesalers in the country.

For over 15 years we've been providing exceptional service to thousands of agents nationwide. Our staff has over 130 years of combined insurance experience. When it matters most, we're there to help. We will work with you to design a program that meets the needs of both you and your insureds. We have in-house resources that allow us to react immediately and provide many quotes within 24 hrs. Our long-standing relationships with A.M. Best A+ Rated carriers give us the advantage to open doors that would otherwise be closed. We know what our underwriters need in terms of underwriting and pricing giving us the ability to get answers when you need them.  

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