RMS Hospitality Group

RMS Hospitality Group (RMS HG), is the specialized program division of RMS Insurance Brokerage, LLC. We have over twenty (20) years' experience as a Program Administrator and are pleased to present our exclusive insurance program for your Hospitality Industry clientele with an A.M. Best Rated "A" XV Insurance Company. A platform like no other in the Hospitality Insurance Industry, RMS HG provides a solution to the insurance agent/broker community for hospitality risks with a program that offers comprehensive and flexible coverage forms at competitive premiums.

RMS Hospitality Group adds a new program to its menu, Franchise Select

Author LindsayKrause , 4/13/2017
with a national reach who bring expertise in underwriting businesses to a wide range of entities within the hospitality industry. With the launch of Franchise Select, RMS HG has expanded its hospitality division to include the Franchise Food Market.

Exclusive Bar & Nightclub Insurance Program

Author LindsayKrause , 2/7/2017
For decades, RMS Insurance Brokerage, LLC has been delivering outstanding Managing General Agent (MGA) underwriting solutions to agent and brokerage networks.