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Russell Bond & Co. operates as a managing general agency and surplus lines insurance broker. We recognize the need to earn your business and are committed to delivering the type of added value our clients have come to expect from us since 1950.

Environmental Liability Coverage

Author JimChojnacki , 12/2/2016
General Liability, Contractors Pollution Liability and Professional Liability available for contractors, consultants, engineers, manufacturers, distributors and those involved in the production of goods that can give rise to a pollution condition.

Hard to Place Risks

Author JimChojnacki , 11/29/2016
Problem Solving is What We Do. Call Us to Discuss Your Next Hard to Place Risk!
We can do UNIQUE and UNUSUAL Hard to Place Risks!

Dynamic and Diverse Solutions for your Healthcare Client Needs

Author JimChojnacki , 11/14/2016
According to the US Department of Health and Human Services' Administration on Aging, the number of Americans, age 65 and older, is projected to be 55 million in 2020. As Americans strive to live longer and healthier lives, the allied healthcare industry is booming, particularly in the health, beauty and fitness markets that cater to their lifestyle.

The Products Recall Coverage You Need

Author JimChojnacki , 10/17/2016
Recalls can be complex and expensive. An effective recall policy provides a company the valuable opportunity to reinforce their commitment to safety, quality and service. The Products Recall policy provides services to help the insured respond quickly and effectively to protect their brand name. Base coverage includes recall costs, defense costs and consultant costs. Consultant costs include pre-incident training, recall plan preparation, recall procedure testing.

Hazardous Haulers

Author JimChojnacki , 9/26/2016
Providing energy companies with Primary Casualty insurance. Target industries include US operations of energy and related industries (except mining), oil / gas / petrochemical, utilities / power generation and chemical.

Technology & Privacy Professional Liability

Author JimChojnacki , 8/8/2016
This new product provides broad coverage for businesses and the evolving exposures they face. Firms can customize their policy by purchasing one or more coverage parts, specific to their coverage needs.