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Fill the gap before your clients faaaalllllll...

Author KevinMartin , 8/20/2014
Let’s face it: your insurance clients probably don’t read their coverage policies very well, if at all.

Don't let your contractor clients get stung by hidden “loser pays” exposure

Author KevinMartin , 7/16/2014
Who requires more specialty insurance solutions than your construction clients? A little-known adversary’s attorneys’ fees clause in surety bonds can create an additional, significant risk when your construction clients enter litigation.

The Bare Facts about ISO’s CGL Form and Attorneys’ Fees

Author KevinMartin , 6/11/2014
Did you know that ISO’s Commercial General Liability Form does not include coverage for an opponent’s attorneys’ fees if your client is sued and loses?

Help your clients before they become losers!

Author KevinMartin , 5/7/2014
Loser Pays! Sounds like something you hear on a playground in primary school, not something you would connect with a lawsuit. But not for long! “Loser pays” is becoming a more popular clause in business contracts as well as federal and state statues.