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Do We Now Need a 35 Year Term Life Insurance Policy?

Author marindependent , 7/11/2018
 Americans are living longer, much longer.  On Average Americans are living till age 78.6 years.

This takes us to another changing demographic in our country, the average age for new mothers is increasing.  The new average age of first time mothers is about 26 years old...

My proposed solution is the thirty five year term policy.   What is yours?  I would love your feedback...

Do Stay at Home Dads Need Coverage Too? Failure to Understand Could Cost Consumers

Author marindependent , 9/29/2017
Look at the situation that has happened with the increasing number of women working, which is a terrific thing.  It is almost like we are just now finally allowing 50% of our population to lead our country. 
In one form of this, some Dad's are choosing to stay at home with the kids, and giving up their corporate job.

Dads- Even Stay at Home Dads Need Term Life Insurance.  
Why they need it, How to Calculate itHow to Buy it.