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AP Advantage provides retail agents and brokers the benefits of specialty experience combined with exceptional customer service, on a national basis. We pride ourselves on having the experience, market resources, resourcefulness and attention to detail to satisfy our customer’s needs. We recognize you have many market access choices. Think of us as the wholesale agency on your team for your small and mid-size business. We can handle everything from main-street accounts to complex and hard-to-place risks.

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Wholesale broker with access to Greater New York Insurance Companies

Author KerryCapen , 10/27/2017
AP Advantage is proud to announce that we are among GNY’s few appointed wholesalers in the region. We have partnered with Greater New York Insurance companies (GNY) to bring real insurance solutions for you and your client. GNY is one of the nation’s leading specialists in business insurance for the hospitality, commercial real estate and habitational industries.