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Signals for 2019

Author AdrianHolloway , 11/29/2018
Here are the Top 3 positive signals for 2019 and the top 3 challenges marketers and wholesalers can expect to face. In summary, It certainly looks like 2019 is going to be a good year for the E&S industry, signaling revenue growth and market differentiation for those that employ their distribution tactics well. But, it is not without challenges however, and finding the right combination of distribution mediums, channels and marketing service partners will certainly be a difference maker for most companies.

Our Demand Is Your Opportunity!

Author JeffreyVann , 6/3/2013
Help us fill this massive agent demand.  We currently have agents searching for Dirt Haulers, Emergency Services, Healthcare Facilities, Motor Truck Cargo....  (Click through to see the whole list)