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Technology, Insurance and TPAs

Author ABarileConsulting , 2/28/2018
As the insurance industry grapples with how to survive in a changing business, the third party administrators and/or claims administrators need to consider the expansion of their services to meet the needs of their clients, the Insureds. They need to find the insurance solutions that meet the needs of their clients' expectations. All third party administrators are focused on the mission to be the insurance industry's service provider of choice. Whereas their original responsibilities typically included claims administration, loss control, risk management information systems, and risk management consulting, we expect to see the expansion of their services to include designing and implementing alternative risk insurance products for their clients. This comes at a time in the insurance industry when the corporate insured's buying habits are dramatically being altered by technology and economics. The big tech firms, Facebook, Amazon, and Google, are already pushing into other sectors of the economy, i.e. their cash flow creates corporate venture capital for acquisitions.