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Keep your agency RELEVANT to your clients & prospects

Author PhillipFloresCM , 11/12/2014

At CompleteMarkets we talk to a lot of insurance agents and financial advisors, that’s what we do. In those daily conversations we are consistently hearing “We have trouble staying relevant with our content for consumers.”


Well, I have one word—Online Newsletters.


There are numerous online newsletter providers out there and by all means, look at your options, but I’ll let you in on a little secrete ours are the best in the industry. J


Keeping your agency relevant with though provoking content? Check.

Consumers make decisions based on what you offer online. They don’t care about print ads or direct mailers any more, that’s all fire starter or immediate recycling. The consumers are going to websites to see what you have to offer. Is there educational content on your site? Are you putting real life situations in front of them?


Information is power, are you giving your clients and prospects power?


Don’t let me bore you, check out this link for more information:


If you have any questions, let me know I’m happy to help.

Announcing Company Profiles! Drive more customers to your Agency.

Author AdrianHolloway , 3/19/2014
Claim your company now! If you own an agency/business, or are responsible for your company's public image (facing customers, prospects or peers), then you will love this new feature we just rolled out - a full blown microsite for your company (Company Profile). It will help with SEO, credibility, branding, leads, team collaboration and much more.

Creating Value –The Art of Differentiating.

Author JasonJohnson , 9/23/2013
All bananas taste the same. But when the banana has that little blue sticker on it consumers are immediately attracted to it. Why? Differentiating the way you brand your agency and market your particular skills can give you the edge you need in today’s competitive insurance environment.

Most agents find themselves in one of two categories.  Either you work with Property and Casualty lines of business or you are a Life and Health agent.  Occasionally there is some crossover but for the most part agents usually work within their respective specialties.  Excluding captive agencies, the number of independent P&C agencies across the United States is well over 38,000.  With each agency relying on its agents to bring in new business it makes individuality or specialization a necessity to stand out from the crowd.  Consumers are relying on internet searches, social media, and other internet resources to find agents.  Using CompleteMarkets to create that unique image or brand is a great way to increase your exposure to new clients.  Our network of agents and wholesalers is the leading website in our industry.  CompleteMarkets connects more agents with specialty insurance programs than any other website in existence.  How does this help the average agent?  It’s as easy as ABC.

  1. CompleteMarkets Attracts more traffic to its site due to its state of the art SEO through search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.  This benefits the agents who subscribe to CompleteMarkets when you contribute to content that is searchable by tags associated with the article.

  2. When you subscribe to Blogs and share them on your website or to your social media sites you get another way to connect with potential clients by increasing your SEO for a particular search term.  This is also a good way to recycle content so that your website stays fresh with new information.  By having good content and being plugged into strong content providers like CompleteMarkets you stand out to prospective clients.

  3. Communication with other agents within your industry and your clients to let people know what you know.  Self-promotion is a very important aspect of marketing.  With CompleteMarkets you can contribute to our content and become branded within a specific niche in your industry.  We have several contributors that distribute information to thousands of readers each week.  

With a minimal amount of effort on your part you can start to differentiate yourself from your peers and attract more clients.  It is not as hard as you think.  Take a few minutes from your day and tour the CompleteMarkets website.  If you need help there is a customer service agent there ready to offer assistance.  Just click the Online Chat button at the top of every page and you will be connected.

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