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Why Should You Network?

Author DaveGrummer , 5/21/2013
Most college career counselors and career building websites are quick to sing the praises of networking.  There is an old adage, which has proven increasingly true, that “you are only as good as who you know.”  This adage actually pre-dates the Internet...

Now you can protect your affordable housing clients against the loss of tax credits

Author EdwardMurayama , 1/29/2013

Many apartment owners who operate low income housing or rehabilitated historic buildings also receive significant tax credits. If the units become uninhabitable, or if the building loses its historic designation, the owner may not be able to claim the loss of these tax credits. This creates a significant exposure to developers, owners, and investors of these properties. Standard Business Income coverage settles losses before income taxes, creating a gap you can now fill for your client.

Insurance Solutions for Shopping Centers

Author EdwardMurayama , 12/10/2012

There are many coverages for the shopping center owner to consider.  Primary policies include coverage for the Building, Contents and General Liability, but you should also consider Outside Signage, Equipment Breakdown, and even Valuable Papers Coverage. Property and Liability Coverage available on a mono-line or package basis for lessor’s risk exposure on strip shopping centers. To qualify, the centers must have at least five stores and 25,000 sq. ft. or more for automobile parking at each location.

RPS Technology & Cyber Supports the Chubb Charity Golf Tournament

Author EdwardMurayama , 9/24/2012

RPS Technology & Cyber wins $1,000 for Local Maryland YMCA at CHUBB Charity Golf Tournament
RPS Technology & Cyber of Cambridge, MD earned $1,000.00 at the 13th Annual Chubb Charity Challenge Championship held this year at the Hunt Valley Country Club in Hunt Valley, MD. Their winnings will go to the Dorchester County YMCA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building strong kids, strong families and a strong community in Dorchester County, MD.