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Why Clients Leave Your Business

Author LynnThomas , 12/3/2018
We have been working with companies’ current and former clients for over 25+ years. What we have found is that all clients are loyal by nature. No one wakes up in the morning and thought, I hope my tailor, car repair, favorite lunch restaurant, etc. makes a big mistake today so I can find a replacement. 

Keep your agency RELEVANT to your clients & prospects

Author PhillipFloresCM , 11/12/2014

At CompleteMarkets we talk to a lot of insurance agents and financial advisors, that’s what we do. In those daily conversations we are consistently hearing “We have trouble staying relevant with our content for consumers.”


Well, I have one word—Online Newsletters.


There are numerous online newsletter providers out there and by all means, look at your options, but I’ll let you in on a little secrete ours are the best in the industry. J


Keeping your agency relevant with though provoking content? Check.

Consumers make decisions based on what you offer online. They don’t care about print ads or direct mailers any more, that’s all fire starter or immediate recycling. The consumers are going to websites to see what you have to offer. Is there educational content on your site? Are you putting real life situations in front of them?


Information is power, are you giving your clients and prospects power?


Don’t let me bore you, check out this link for more information:


If you have any questions, let me know I’m happy to help.

Irwin Siegel Agency Partners with Talintel, Inc. to Offer DSP Pre-Employment Tool

Author EdwardMurayama , 7/6/2012

Irwin Siegel Agency, Inc. announces partnership with talintel, inc. to reduce incidents of theft, abuse & neglect and improve turnover for I/DD Providers

Irwin Siegel Agency, Inc. (ISA) announces a revolutionary and highly innovative productivity initiative for I/DD Providers to improve quality of care and reduce costs. For ISA, a national insurance and risk management provider, helping insureds and prospects reduce incidents of theft, abuse & neglect and employee turnover is good business. For providers it is critical to growth and satisfaction of the individuals they support.