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Producer Compensation?

Author EdwardMurayama , 1/9/2013

Producer Compensation?

What’s your strategy? A new post in the “Ask Your Peers” Discussion forum has generated responses, and perhaps opened up even more questions.

View the conversation (and join in!) here.

Pet Insurance is Now Available Nationwide with All Risks, Ltd. through Pets Best Insurance

Author EdwardMurayama , 11/9/2012

All Risks, Ltd. is pleased to announce that Pet Insurance is now available in 32 states through its partnership with Pets Best Insurance and Independence American Insurance Company.  This Pet Insurance online platform allows retail insurance agents to partner with their clients while earning competitive compensation for each submitted application.*  Self-service marketing tools and straightforward plans make this product easy to pitch.  Retail insurance agents can set up an account to become a lead provider, advertising online pet insurance to their clients.  Upon five submitted pet applications, retail agents will be given the opportunity to become appointed by Independence American Insurance Company to offer phone quoting and underwriting services.

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