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Riots, and Pirates, and Mayors, Oh My.

Author JasonJohnson , 8/21/2013
Riots in Egypt, Pirates in Somalia, and city officials in San Diego all with unusual risks that need underwriting.  Although this is less than 1% of the industry that needs to be shopping for insurance, it does raise the question, “Where do you go to find your clients hard to find coverages?”

A recent headline from titled “Egypt: Authorities in talks over expanding insurance cover against riots” discusses the role of insurance carriers insuring in an area struck by recent political instability and riots.  The article points out that only 3% of those affected are covered for this type of loss.  Maritime organizations have also felt the pressure of piracy on the high seas.  Most carry tradition cargo insurance but now what about hostage insurance?  And finally, the beleaguered mayor from San Diego. Bob Filner.  For the 18th time an accuser has spoken out against the mayor’s alleged harassment while still in office.  Many companies have a policy for sexual harassment but how many carry insurance for it?

As the agent, you have to be prepared for any type of risk that your clients may need.  From your day to day policy to the unique.  CompleteMarkets has for years been known as the leading source for niche insurance carriers.  Today, CompleteMarkets is so much more than that.  It is still the leading internet site for niche insurance, but now you can also search our extensive library of premium content, connect with peers, and market your agency’s specialized business lines.

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The Internet, A blessing or a Curse?

Author JasonJohnson , 8/15/2013
When was the last time you spoke to your travel agent?  Have you bought a postage stamp lately? Paid a late fee at Blockbuster?  Things many of us did on a regular basis have been replaced with convenience. The Internet has saved so many of us the hassle of the middleman.  So my question is this, “How will the Internet change the way you sell Insurance?”

I recently had the privilege of reading an article by Allan Rosca entitled “Is the Internet About to Put Insurance Agents out of Business? (with the Help of the Insurance Companies)”  It sparked quite a lively debate with many pro’s and con’s as to how our industry will evolve or die.  Technology has saved countless hours of my day that used to be spent waiting for the mail to arrive, sorting it, distributing it and then reading it.   It has increased the productivity in our office and in our business.  But what about the agent that hasn't adapted to this change?  The Baby Boomers or the Generation X group of individuals that reluctantly have had technology forced on to them.  They look with bewilderment at why people insist that if they don’t have the latest iPhone or gadget they will lose money.

Of those people who own smartphones, a recent study concluded that 79% of people 18-44 have their Smartphones with them 22 Hours a Day. The study goes on to say that, “49% of the entire U.S. population uses a smartphone. By 2017, the percent of smartphone users is expected to reach 68%.”   Internet access is free at many of the highest volume retailers and restaurants in the country.  Trying to find a place without Internet access is now the problem.  So as insurance agents how do you compete with a clicks -vs- brick industry?  What is your competitive advantage or value proposition in today’s economy?  One way to stay competitive is to connect differently than a decade ago.  Gone are the rolodex and stack of business cards in the drawer.  Today you have networking tools such as, social media, company websites, and email.   CompleteMarkets combines all these resources into one network.

Members of CompleteMarkets can search Insurance Carriers for difficult markets, send email campaigns, create storefronts, track leads, and access hundreds of articles from our library.  Free registration entitles the member to a convenient way of connecting with the people they do business with in a community that was created just for the insurance professional.  Other networking sites are specific to the interests of their members.  Facebook is a great place to see photos and update family and friends on your relationship status.  They are the leading social site.  LinkedIn has revolutionized the business networking community and has connected millions of users within their respective community interests.  But it lacks the ability for direct ecommerce.  It is also becoming “too big” or difficult to navigate due to the high number of users cluttering the groups and posting distracting content CompleteMarkets was designed specifically for agents who want to directly find quick results.  The peer to peer networking and social groups and discussion boards allow members to get advice or post content for others to comment on.   The searchable library offers informative articles written specifically for insurance agents who want to learn more about their industry.

Don’t get discouraged by the Internet.  Embrace the technology and find ways to incorporate it into your business plan.  The insurance industry is changing.  You either grow with it or you go.  CompleteMarkets is here to help you every step of the way.  Be the first in your office to unlock the secrets to success and become the “Go To” guy/gal for your specialty.

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Online Publishing – “To Read or Not To Read, That is the Question.”

Author JasonJohnson , 8/6/2013
These days anyone with internet access can be a content publisher.  As a busy Insurance agent, the amount of time you spend searching for “reliable” content may vary from 15 minutes a day to several hours.  Most of us generally have our favorites within a click of the mouse or subscribe to blogs, forums, or groups within our preferred internet networks.

But what qualifies as original content?  In the insurance world, reputation and credibility matter.  Many websites employ subject content specialists. A content specialist is and individual who develops content for the web in a variety of ways, generally involving writing and editing, as well as certain amount of web design in some cases.  The specific requirements to become a content specialist will vary based on the type of website for which an individual is creating content, and whether or not a great deal of specialized knowledge is required.

As one of the insurance industry’s leading providers of related content on the internet, CompleteMarkets provides something for everyone.  CompleteMarkets has over 290 contributing authors so whether you are a CSR or senior management the information will be beneficial to your success.

A few of our subject content specialists include:

Ms. Thomas is the founder and President of 21st Century Management Consulting. She specializes in the insurance industry.  Ms. Thomas has been a columnist for Rough Notes and The National Underwriter. She has authored many additional articles for numerous industry publications and published her first book on retention: Irresistible Business: Dazzling and Delighting Customers For Life! She has worked in the insurance industry for over 22 years with over 450 insurance companies and agencies.  Ms. Thomas is a nationally acclaimed, powerful, engaging and dynamic speaker on Client Retention issues. She is also an experienced, knowledgeable and pragmatic consultant with a proven track record of working with companies and agencies on their sales and Client Retention rates.

Jack Nordhaus has been with INSOMIS since 1977. He works with a "dream team" of more than 60 consultants to update the content of the library, and is responsible for providing informational resources and creative input to the IMMS team and CompleteMarkets users through his "News of the Day"   Dr. Nordhaus writes the monthly IMMS Online Newsletters and the Online Newsletter E-Mail Alert.  Jack holds a doctorate in History from Columbia University. 

Don Phin is an attorney, sought after speaker and long time contributor to IMMS/Complete Markets. He is the editor of the Your Employee Matters newsletter and President of HR That Works, a program used by more than 70 agencies nationwide to deliver HR services to prospects and clients.

Time is the only true asset that sales professionals actually own.  How you spend your time is just as important as how you spend your money.   

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Sean Linn joins CITA Insurance Services

Author EdwardMurayama , 12/4/2012

CITA Insurance Services (a division of Brown and Brown Program Insurance Services Inc.) welcomes the arrival of Sean Linn in the role of Marketing Specialist.   Having recently graduated with a bachelors degree in Business and Economics from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA – Sean will play a key role in new customer business development for CITA.


Author EdwardMurayama , 11/30/2012

Healthiest Employers LLC evaluates how employers promote health and wellness, based on the following criteria: culture and leadership commitment, foundational components, strategic planning, communication and marketing, as well as programming and intervention. J.M. Wilson scored high marks with their wellness initiatives, including walking and water consumption challenges, yoga classes, lunch and learn events with a naturopathic doctor and opportunities to try new healthy foods.


Author EdwardMurayama , 11/30/2012

Healthiest Employers LLC evaluates how employers promote health and wellness, based on the following criteria: culture and leadership commitment, foundational components, strategic planning, communication and marketing, as well as programming and intervention. J.M. Wilson scored high marks with their wellness initiatives, including walking and water consumption challenges, yoga classes, lunch and learn events with a naturopathic doctor and opportunities to try new healthy foods.

All Risks, Ltd. Hires Barry Woltmon as Branch Manager, Seattle, Washington Office

Author EdwardMurayama , 10/5/2012

Largest independent wholesale insurance brokerage firm, All Risks, Ltd., is proud to announce Barry Woltmon has been hired as Branch Manager of the Seattle, Washington office effective October 1, 2012. Barry has over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry. His working knowledge includes commercial underwriting, management of wholesale operations, branch management, BOP programs, marketing and personal lines. Barry holds both CPCU and ARM designations.

Ken Chappell Returns to Irwin Siegel Agency as AVP of Business Development

Author EdwardMurayama , 8/22/2012

Irwin Siegel Agency, Inc. (ISA) has expanded their growing sales team for the second time this year with newly appointed AVP of Business Development, Ken Chappell. Ken first joined ISA in 1999 and is returning after having spent the last four years as Regional VP of Marketing for Agency Specialty Product Network (an Aon Company).

In this role, Ken’s primary objective will be to uncover and develop broker relationships on the east coast where he has an extensive network of agency contacts. Ken brings with him over 20 years of insurance industry experience on both the employee benefits and property/casualty side, as well as specific skill sets that include accounting, customer service, business analytics, account management, underwriting and business development.

Webinar for Advertisers Only: Learn How CompleteMarkets Delivers Agents to You -- Socially

Author EdwardMurayama , 6/13/2012
Learn How CompleteMarkets Delivers Agents to You -- Socially

CompleteMarkets: The Social Network for the Insurance Industry

Join us for a 20-minute, educational session that demonstrates the powerful features that push and pull agents to you -- "Be Where Your Clients Are"

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"But we already optimize for our own website for search engines." A cost/benefit comparison reveals substantial savings and value. 

Not only do you benefit from CompleteMarkets' 14 years of online equity (which propels you much more rapidly to the top of search engines), you also arm yourself with the full portfolio of multi-disciplinary marketing on your behalf, including:

  • Number 1 destination of insurance professionals - 2.53 million page views monthly!
  • An established (and growing virally) base of agent users spend an average of 16 minutes per visit.
  • Email Marketing supplements SEO - 49.2% of all CompleteMarkets storefront views come from a search engine or e-mail messages.
  • Unlimited storefronts, customizable quote forms, app upload - "Sticky" features attract and engage agents!

James B. Wynn joins Southern Insurance Underwriters, Inc. as a Senior Consultant

Author EdwardMurayama , 6/1/2012

ATLANTA, GA (June 07, 2012) – Southern Insurance Underwriters, Inc. CMGA (SIU) recently retained James B. (Jim) Wynn as a Senior Consultant in the Financial and Credit Insurance areas. His relationships with clients, prospects, the global insurance industry and financial communities will enable the marketing of a number of transactions. These opportunities will require Wynn’s expertise in unique Financial and Credit insurance solutions, Specialized Surety products and Alternative Risk solutions for Property/Casualty and Life/Health Programs.