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CompleteMarkets has been selected as one of the Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies of The Year!

Author ErinCarlson , 5/9/2018
We are proud to be named one of the Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2018, by The Silicon Review. We work diligently every year to innovate and bring value and free tools to professionals in the insurance industry. And, we want to thank our members and clients for their support over the years. 

The Insurance Exchanges – Navigating a Sea of Information.

Author JasonJohnson , 9/16/2013
Effective January 01, 2014, the Affordable Care Act will be in full effect for individuals who are required to obtain health insurance.  It is estimated that the law will require approximately 30 million individuals to purchase insurance or be fined by the IRS.  Congress has offered States the opportunity to choose one of three possible choices. 

Obamacare –IRS finalizes the ‘individual mandate’ rules within the Affordable Care Act.

Author JasonJohnson , 9/3/2013
Last week the IRS issued its finalized rules for the ‘individual mandate’ portion of the Affordable Care Act, also referred to as Obamacare.  Although the changes had little effect on the overall program, the decision had an overwhelming impact on the ongoing debate over mandatory health insurance.  Garnishing 40,000 views in the first hour the topic was trending immediately upon its release.  Obamacare is a front and center topic within the Insurance Industry and illustrates an important aspect of our business – The need to stay connected.

As an insurance agent you spend most of your time searching for quotes and information that makes you an expert within your area of expertise. By combining all of these functions into one website, CompleteMarkets is your perfect business solution.  CompleteMarkets offers you the ability to interact with your peers through discussion boards, as well as a market search tool for agents to find the exact kind of coverages that your customers need. And, in addition to the searching capabilities and social networking, CompleteMarkets also delivers a superior content library with a multitude of authors contributing articles specific to your needs and interests.  You can search by a topic, an author, or a keyword and find articles that can assist your agency needs.  There are over 1,200 different articles and more are added every day.

No other company of its type even comes close to the reputation that 
CompleteMarkets has within the Insurance Industry.

Finally, by joining CompleteMarkets you are instantly connected with other agents and can receive updates on topics that may interest you through group memberships and discussion forums.  This allows you to follow a topic and receive email notifications when updates occur.  As an insurance agent there are times when a current event or hot topic requires you to get up to date information and being connected to CompleteMarkets offers you everything you need to know in a timely and efficient way.

By joining today you will have access to everything mentioned above and membership is completely free for agents. To ensure you are in the loop on all CompleteMarkets news and updates subscribe to our blog today.

Online Publishing – “To Read or Not To Read, That is the Question.”

Author JasonJohnson , 8/6/2013
These days anyone with internet access can be a content publisher.  As a busy Insurance agent, the amount of time you spend searching for “reliable” content may vary from 15 minutes a day to several hours.  Most of us generally have our favorites within a click of the mouse or subscribe to blogs, forums, or groups within our preferred internet networks.

But what qualifies as original content?  In the insurance world, reputation and credibility matter.  Many websites employ subject content specialists. A content specialist is and individual who develops content for the web in a variety of ways, generally involving writing and editing, as well as certain amount of web design in some cases.  The specific requirements to become a content specialist will vary based on the type of website for which an individual is creating content, and whether or not a great deal of specialized knowledge is required.

As one of the insurance industry’s leading providers of related content on the internet, CompleteMarkets provides something for everyone.  CompleteMarkets has over 290 contributing authors so whether you are a CSR or senior management the information will be beneficial to your success.

A few of our subject content specialists include:

Ms. Thomas is the founder and President of 21st Century Management Consulting. She specializes in the insurance industry.  Ms. Thomas has been a columnist for Rough Notes and The National Underwriter. She has authored many additional articles for numerous industry publications and published her first book on retention: Irresistible Business: Dazzling and Delighting Customers For Life! She has worked in the insurance industry for over 22 years with over 450 insurance companies and agencies.  Ms. Thomas is a nationally acclaimed, powerful, engaging and dynamic speaker on Client Retention issues. She is also an experienced, knowledgeable and pragmatic consultant with a proven track record of working with companies and agencies on their sales and Client Retention rates.

Jack Nordhaus has been with INSOMIS since 1977. He works with a "dream team" of more than 60 consultants to update the content of the library, and is responsible for providing informational resources and creative input to the IMMS team and CompleteMarkets users through his "News of the Day"   Dr. Nordhaus writes the monthly IMMS Online Newsletters and the Online Newsletter E-Mail Alert.  Jack holds a doctorate in History from Columbia University. 

Don Phin is an attorney, sought after speaker and long time contributor to IMMS/Complete Markets. He is the editor of the Your Employee Matters newsletter and President of HR That Works, a program used by more than 70 agencies nationwide to deliver HR services to prospects and clients.

Time is the only true asset that sales professionals actually own.  How you spend your time is just as important as how you spend your money.   

To ensure you are in the loop on all CompleteMarkets news and updates subscribe to our blog today.

You spoke. We listened!

Author JasonJohnson , 7/24/2013
An overwhelming majority of Insurance specialists polled recently respond with the same request, “Help me grow my business.”

Why Should You Network?

Author DaveGrummer , 5/21/2013
Most college career counselors and career building websites are quick to sing the praises of networking.  There is an old adage, which has proven increasingly true, that “you are only as good as who you know.”  This adage actually pre-dates the Internet...

Check out my post in Groups

Author EdwardMurayama , 6/27/2012

Have you visited Groups (under "Networking") on CompleteMarkets yet?

Groups provides for an ideal way to communicate with only those you wish to reach.  

And each Group includes its own Discussion board, too. Here’s a post I created earlier, in the General Liability Group.