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Market Knowledge more of commodity today than it was 20 years ago.

Author JasonJohnson , 9/12/2013
How many trade publications does your agency subscribe too?  If you’re like my office you probably have a couple industry journals for your agents to read and a few non-industry magazines for the customers in the lobby.  For most of us the internet is our main source for content, training, and to stay in touch with changes within the industry.  We follow forums that are specific to our interests and our area of expertise.  But as access to this information becomes more available via email, internet or traditional format does the value we put on our market knowledge decrease?  I can Google a specific product type and in a few hours have at least a working knowledge of what I am talking about.  So is our market knowledge just a commodity purchased with our time but easily recreated by our competitors?  What will help to maintain our competitive advantage in the industry?  Will it be speed, price, or access to better information?  And where can I get all of those tools in one location?  Fortunately one website does offer all of this and more.  

CompleteMarkets provides its agents the ability to search markets, connect and exchange ideas with peers, view premium content from professional consultants and experts within our industry and more.
Search engines provide an agent with suggestions or lead you towards the place you are searching for but they lack the ability to connect you with the correct person or product you want immediately. (at least for now)  By logging into CompleteMarkets you can perform the same search, let’s say for a wholesaler who provides coverages for a Taxicab company, and have the same results as the search engine but in addition you will be able, with just a click of the mouse, to have a quote form instantly populate with your information and get quotes from several competing providers working to get YOUR business.

CompleteMarkets also offers you the opportunity to connect with your peers for idea exchanges, discussions on changes to your industry, or read up on a subject that interests you from our vast online library.  The value to you is that all these products and services are included with your membership for free.  Convenient, affordable, and efficient are just a few ways to describe the benefits of joining CompleteMarkets.

By joining today you will have access to everything mentioned above and membership is completely free for agents. To ensure you are in the loop on all CompleteMarkets news and updates subscribe to our blog today.

The Internet, A blessing or a Curse?

Author JasonJohnson , 8/15/2013
When was the last time you spoke to your travel agent?  Have you bought a postage stamp lately? Paid a late fee at Blockbuster?  Things many of us did on a regular basis have been replaced with convenience. The Internet has saved so many of us the hassle of the middleman.  So my question is this, “How will the Internet change the way you sell Insurance?”

I recently had the privilege of reading an article by Allan Rosca entitled “Is the Internet About to Put Insurance Agents out of Business? (with the Help of the Insurance Companies)”  It sparked quite a lively debate with many pro’s and con’s as to how our industry will evolve or die.  Technology has saved countless hours of my day that used to be spent waiting for the mail to arrive, sorting it, distributing it and then reading it.   It has increased the productivity in our office and in our business.  But what about the agent that hasn't adapted to this change?  The Baby Boomers or the Generation X group of individuals that reluctantly have had technology forced on to them.  They look with bewilderment at why people insist that if they don’t have the latest iPhone or gadget they will lose money.

Of those people who own smartphones, a recent study concluded that 79% of people 18-44 have their Smartphones with them 22 Hours a Day. The study goes on to say that, “49% of the entire U.S. population uses a smartphone. By 2017, the percent of smartphone users is expected to reach 68%.”   Internet access is free at many of the highest volume retailers and restaurants in the country.  Trying to find a place without Internet access is now the problem.  So as insurance agents how do you compete with a clicks -vs- brick industry?  What is your competitive advantage or value proposition in today’s economy?  One way to stay competitive is to connect differently than a decade ago.  Gone are the rolodex and stack of business cards in the drawer.  Today you have networking tools such as, social media, company websites, and email.   CompleteMarkets combines all these resources into one network.

Members of CompleteMarkets can search Insurance Carriers for difficult markets, send email campaigns, create storefronts, track leads, and access hundreds of articles from our library.  Free registration entitles the member to a convenient way of connecting with the people they do business with in a community that was created just for the insurance professional.  Other networking sites are specific to the interests of their members.  Facebook is a great place to see photos and update family and friends on your relationship status.  They are the leading social site.  LinkedIn has revolutionized the business networking community and has connected millions of users within their respective community interests.  But it lacks the ability for direct ecommerce.  It is also becoming “too big” or difficult to navigate due to the high number of users cluttering the groups and posting distracting content CompleteMarkets was designed specifically for agents who want to directly find quick results.  The peer to peer networking and social groups and discussion boards allow members to get advice or post content for others to comment on.   The searchable library offers informative articles written specifically for insurance agents who want to learn more about their industry.

Don’t get discouraged by the Internet.  Embrace the technology and find ways to incorporate it into your business plan.  The insurance industry is changing.  You either grow with it or you go.  CompleteMarkets is here to help you every step of the way.  Be the first in your office to unlock the secrets to success and become the “Go To” guy/gal for your specialty.

To ensure you are in the loop on all CompleteMarkets news and updates subscribe to our blog today.

All Risks, Ltd. Announces New Memphis Office

Author EdwardMurayama , 12/7/2012

All Risks, Ltd., a national independent wholesale broker, has expanded its operations with the opening of its eighteenth office in Memphis, Tennessee. John Greer, All Risks Brokerage Underwriter, will launch this new location with a full-line of property and casualty products. This office plans to grow its employee base in the upcoming months.

Archery Club insurance available through

Author mmcdaniel , 9/10/2012
Sturgis, SD (9/4/12) – Insurance for archery clubs and ranges can be expensive and difficult to find in today’s market.  Leavitt Recreation & Hospitality Insurance (LRHI) announces a new program designed specifically for this market.  As part of this new program, LRHI has launched to fill the need for quality, low-cost insurance for ranges and clubs.
“We have worked in niche insurance for over 25 years and have developed exclusive programs for our other recreation and hospitality clients, so this was right up our alley,” said Chris Hipple, vice president of LRHI.  “The program offers general liability, property, equipment, commercial auto, worker’s compensation, and umbrella policies.”
Policies for archery clubs and ranges are often filled with unique exclusions and written with insurance companies considered “markets of last resort” in the industry.  Through the Leavitt Group, the 2nd largest privately-held brokerage in the United States, clients receive greater insurance market access and a wide-range of insurance programs.
“We looked into the existing market and found that it was filled with cobbled-together offerings from surplus lines insurance companies,” said Hipple.  “The prices available seemed fairly high for the actual risk, and we took a hard look at archery ranges and the risks involved.”
LRHI has extensive experience insuring RV parks and campgrounds and is one of the largest agencies serving this sector in the nation.  With this focus, the agency has achieved an elite status with the insurance companies they represent. LRHI maintains open communication with their carriers to modify coverage and to respond to the changing insurance needs of their clients.
LRHI is affiliated with the Leavitt Group, an organization of independent insurance agencies with 115 offices across the United States.  Clients look to the Leavitt Group for property and casualty risk management, employee benefits solutions, and individual insurance policies. Clients also benefit from the consultative approach to risk management found within the culture of each office and the unique flexibility that comes with local, on-the-ground agency owners.

More information can be found at

Please visit our CompleteMarkets storefront: Archery Ranges, Shooting Ranges

Jumping Pillow Insurance for RV Parks/Campgrounds still available through LRHI

Author mmcdaniel , 8/31/2012

“Jumping Pillow” Insurance Available Through

Leavitt Recreation & Hospitality Insurance


Sturgis, SD (8/30/12) – Leavitt Recreation & Hospitality Insurance (LRHI) announced they will continue to provide policies without a “jumping pillow” exclusion. This commitment comes after a major insurance carrier in the RV park and campground industry recently communicated that “jumping pillows” will be excluded on their renewal policy, through conditional renewal, due to a high incidence of claims coupled with some severe claims. LRHI has access to other insurance companies who are not including the exclusion.
"As the market continues to tighten, we expect to see other carriers restricting coverage, increasing premiums, or tightening underwriting requirements,” said Chris Hipple, vice president of LRHI.
LRHI has specialized in the RV Park and Campground industry for over 25 years and will continue to work with carriers to ensure stable and high quality insurance solutions.
LRHI is affiliated with the Leavitt Group, an organization of independent insurance agencies with 115 offices across the United States.  Clients look to the Leavitt Group for property and casualty risk management, employee benefits solutions, and individual insurance policies. Clients also benefit from the consultative approach to risk management found within the culture of each office and the unique flexibility that comes with local, on-the-ground agency owners.
More information can be found at or .