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Manufactured Housing Insurance Program

Author EdwardMurayama , 1/2/2013
OnPoint Underwriting offers enhanced coverage for the unique exposures of the manufactured housing industry from the largest single writer of this class.  Recognized as an industry leader for Manufactured Housing Parks and Dealers nationwide, OnPoint understands the exposures relevant to the unique needs of this class of business. Our reach is countrywide with multiple facilities available to place coverage in all jurisdictions with comprehensive coverage, excellent service and competitive pricing.

Colonial General has Preferred markets for Garage and Workers Compensation!

Author EdwardMurayama , 10/9/2012

Colonial General’s Preferred Markets Department is dedicated to addressing the wide range of insureds requiring coverage. A highly experienced staff will provide you with the best policy and pricing for your preferred market needs. 

All Risks, Ltd. Has Exclusive Access to Restaurant/Bar/Tavern Program

Author EdwardMurayama , 8/20/2012

All Risks, Ltd. Has Exclusive Access to Restaurant/Bar/Tavern Program 

HUNT VALLEY, MD (August 15, 2012) – All Risks, Ltd., the largest independent insurance wholesaler in the country, has announced that it has access to an exclusive Restaurant, Bar and Tavern program with a non-admitted “A-“ rated carrier.  This exclusive partnership entitles All Risks access to a broader risk appetite and more competitive pricing than retail agents and brokers can obtain.

This Restaurant, Bar and Tavern program includes operations in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida with up to 100% liquor sales.  Coverage is available to businesses open until 2 a.m. and incidental entertainment such as dance clubs or venues is accepted. 

Apartments Insurance

Author EdwardMurayama , 6/5/2012
Apartments Insurance 

This product is specifically designed to accommodate the coverage and pricing needs for hard to place apartment risks.

Targeted Classes:
  • Broad Eligilbility to include:
  • Aluminum wired apartment or condo
  • Single or multiple location risks
  • Large risks
  • Student housing & HUD housing okay
  • Swimming pools, fitness centers, clubhouses, lakes/ponds, playgrounds, sports courts

New ventures and newly constructed properties are eligible