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43% of the US fall victim to Cyber Breaches, HELP THEM NOW!

Author PhillipFloresCM , 8/19/2015

Cyber Security has been a hot topic through the 2015 year and shows no sign of fading anytime soon.

According to the 2015 Identity Theft Resource Center report, there have been 472 data breaches exposing 139,278,685 people to cyber security issues. That equates to 43% of the United States population.

What are you doing to help educate your clients and prospects?

Introducing Microsoft Cyber Security Awareness Newsletter powered by CompleteMarkets

This is an online newsletter we want you, your agents and your agency to have and use for FREE!

Microsoft is a leader in the tech security industry and they are passionate about informing individuals and business owners on how to protect themselves.  This monthly newsletter will help your agency and your clients with cyber security. Please feel free to circulate it with your IT, Marketing folks and your clients.

From us to you this is a $335 value.

But from you to your community, it’s a priceless value because you are potentially saving their financial future—not to mention days, weeks, months, even YEARS of recovery time…

If you would like more information, feel free to give me a call at (909) 547-6212 ext: 5920 or email me at

Phillip Flores, Manager & Sr. Marketing Specialist - CompleteMarkets 

An Exclusive Deal on Social Media Marketing

Author EdwardMurayama , 9/13/2012
As posted in the Social Media Mraketing Group Discussion Board:

A lot of agents tell us they are still unsure about social media marketing and would like to get their feet wet first, easing into the highly involved world of social media marketing.

Well, here is your chance! An exclusive deal from Tranformer Marketing - the social media marketing leaders in the Insurance Industry.

A one time offer. Be among the first 50 to sign up online, and you'll get 50% off the Transformer Marketing Essential Program. That's right: Half Price!

Read more here, or follow these links:

Property & Casualty Agents -

Life/Health & Financial Services Advisors -