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How Warren makes big bucks on specialty markets!

Author AdrianHolloway , 3/4/2015

How to make  more money - with easy and quick access to competitive markets and with the right time-saving and money making tools.

"I have been using CompleteMarkets for 4-5 years. Their introduction to specialty markets has allowed me to book over $200,000 in premium that I would have not placed. Thank you CM." - Warren  Blesh, Jan 6, 2015. Member Since: June 2011

Effective Email Marketing for Insurance Professionals

Author AdrianHolloway , 2/12/2014
Email marketing is the  grand-daddy of interactive online marketing. Email marketing has been around  for more than 15 years. It is directly or indirectly related to the advent of every  other interactive communication platform, including instant messaging, texting,  social media, forum interaction and more.
But, email marketing remains one  of the hardest strategies to implement for an insurance agency (or any business  for that matter). The challenges abound...

Read the entire article that describes in great detail what parts of the
execution cycle to outsource, provides useful tips on how to get through spam
filters and where to procure content, email delivery and other important steps
required to effectively market/communicate via mass email marketing.