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NES can write most risks in all states in our non-rated to "A"-rated Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and, in some cases, Contract Labor Service (CLS) programs. Basically PEO/CLS programs entail 2 main things….1) the PEO/CLS must be the statutory employer of record for all covered employees, and 2) the PEO/CLS must process and issue payroll drawn off the PEO/CLS bank accts. NES does best cost wise for risks with high xmods, high cost class codes, in state pools, with workers' compensation (WC) premiums of 50k or more, and generally considered highly WC distressed…..Under a PEO arrangement, a co-employer (primarily for benefits purposes) relationship is established between the risk and the PEO, with the PEO becoming the sole employer of record for IRS purposes. The PEO has a master "PEO" designated WC policy. The workforce is contracted back to the risk to operate and manage as usual. Under a CLS arrangement, primarily for Staffing, a sole-employer relationship between the risks employees and the CLS is established. The CLS has a master "Staffing" designated WC policy. No functional control is lost of the risk's business or labor force in either case, and in many cases, both the employer and employees receive more and less costly benefits, services, and WC coverage. In both the PEO and CLS structures, all WC covered employee payroll must be processed by (in most cases) and flow thru the PEO/CLS, with payroll checks drawn on the PEO/CLS bank accts. We look forward to working with you. Thank you! Ken Heideger [email protected] Offices in FL and CA 954-554-3456.

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Workers' Comp for tough risks incl Staffing

Author kenheideger , 1/24/2018
Well its 2018!….are you ready to increase your revenue substantially! Nationwide Employer Services can help you do that….NES provides Workers' Comp for tough risks incl Staffing through our exclusive Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and Employer Of Record (EOR) programs. The PEO/EOR becomes the employer of record for payroll tax purposes and to enable coverage under the PEO/EOR master WC policies. Agent/broker commissions are competitive.

Workers' Comp for Staffing and other tough risks

Author kenheideger , 9/27/2017
Nationwide Employer Services LLC has Workers' Compensation (WC) solutions for Staffing and other tough risks through EXCLUSIVE Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Employer Of Record (EOR), and Admin Service Org. (ASO) programs. You are paid competitively on all programs.