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You Have Workers’ Comp Questions We Have Answers

Author DMalloy , 11/20/2017
For 20 years, PMC has not only designed creative solutions for all size accounts but repeatedly out-executed the competition. Our unique network allows us to write Aviation to USL&H risks and find solutions for those last minute opportunities! Our broad range of class codes and strong carrier relationships helps you to increase new business and retain your existing accounts. 

Workers Compensation Programs

Author DavidMalloy , 10/17/2016
At PMC we can provide your agency access to a wide range of markets to better service your clients. Our Markets cover a broad appetite for accounts with favorable loss experience over $75,000 such as Construction, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing. PMC can offer guaranteed cost, retros and large deductible options.

New Jersey Agents - Access Top-Rated Carriers

Author DavidMalloy , 10/5/2016
For the past 20 years, PMC has been developing one of the
Broadest Underwriting Appetites in the Industry. If it's Guarantee Cost, Loss Sensitive or Alternative Markets, PMC has the expertise and market connections to find your Solution!

Protecting Your Hands Against Occupational Hazards

Author DavidMalloy , 6/22/2012
PMC Insurance GroupOur hands are used in almost all daily activities, work or leisure. But, for some reason, we often overlook just how frequently our hands are used until they are injured.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), the hands are involved in one of every five occupational injuries. This statistic really isn't all that surprising once a worker stops to consider the array occupational hazards, such as tools, solvents, and chemicals, which are capable of causing burns, contusions, and lacerations to the hands. That said, workers can protect their hands and avoid a lot of unnecessary injuries by taking a few precautions.

Material Safety Data Sheet.
Some chemicals can burn your hands immediately following contact. Before handling any chemical, it's of vital importance that you're familiar with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), as these forms will instruct you on the safe handling and use of certain potentially harmful chemicals.

Hand Washing/Cleaning Procedures
  • Apply lotion if your job requires frequent hand washing.
  • Use mild soap and water to wash hands; dry them thoroughly.
  • Avoid harsh and abrasive cleaners.
  • When removing tar, grease, or paint, use a waterless cleaner.
  • Never wash hands with benzene, paint thinner, gasoline, or other harsh solvents.
  • Flush hands under running water for 20 minutes or longer after your hands come into contact with any corrosive chemical.
  • If a minor skin laceration occurs, wash it immediately and seek medical treatment.

Using Gloves
  • The MSDS can alert you to what type of glove should be donned when handling potentially harmful chemicals.
  • Throw any frayed, tattered, or worn gloves away.
  • Never share gloves with co-workers.
  • Never immerse your hand in chemical agents, even if gloved.
  • Asbestos or leather gloves are used to protect against heat.
  • Neoprene or rubber gloves are used to protect against corrosive chemicals.
  • Cotton, leather, or PVC gloves are used to protect against abrasives.
  • Synthetic knit or cotton gloves with gripping dots are used when hand-grip is needed.
  • Kevlar, heavy leather, or metal-mesh gloves are used to help prevent cuts to the hand.
  • Never wear gloves with any metal features when working near electrical hazards.
  • Avoid wearing gloves around moving equipment.

Avoiding Contusions and Lacerations

All tools should be properly maintained on a regular basis.
  • Safety guards should never be removed and a tool without the appropriate guard shouldn't be used until it's in proper working order.
  • Lockout equipment when making repairs or cleaning it.
  • Wear metal-mesh, leather, or Kevlar gloves when handling or operating sharp and bladed tools.
  • Don't do a job if you don't have the appropriate tool.

These simple safety precautions can help you keep one of your most important assets, your hands, intact.

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Tyson Foods Settles EEOC Disability Discrimination Lawsuit

Author DavidMalloy , 3/30/2012
PMC Insurance GroupSt Louis, MO – Tyson Foods, Inc., one of the world’s largest processors of chicken, beef and pork, will pay $35,000 and furnish other relief to settle a disability discrimination lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the agency announced today.

The EEOC had charged that Tyson Foods refused to hire a former employee because he had epilepsy.   The EEOC lawsuit filed in May 2010 (EEOC v. Tyson Foods, Inc., Case No. 2:10-cv-04072-NKL) alleged that Tyson failed to hire Mark White for an open maintenance job in its Sedalia, Mo., plant because he had epilepsy and that Tyson’s refusal to hire White violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). White’s epilepsy had been controlled by medication for twelve years and he had been previously employed by Tyson on two occasions during this time period. However, Tyson instituted a new medical assessment procedure since last hiring White, and refused to hire him because he did not pass a medical evaluation required for applicants with epilepsy to determine whether he could safely perform the job. The doctor who performed the evaluation for Tyson did not examine White, but relied on outdated medical research in determining that he could not safely perform the job. At the same time, Tyson employed several other persons with epilepsy who had been grandfathered in.

Besides agreeing to pay White $35,000 as back pay and compensatory damages, Tyson agreed to institute a new assessment procedure for similar cases. Henceforth, an applicant who is disqualified from employment because of Tyson’s required medical assessment has the right to a second medical assessment at the applicant’s expense. Further, an independent and determinative third medical assessment will be made for any applicant not hired after the second assessment. The consent decree settling the suit, which must be approved by U.S. District Judge Nanette Laughrey, also provides for injunctive relief, including training to individuals involved in the assessment procedure, posting notification to employees, and compliance reporting to the EEOC.

“The potentially three-step medical assessment process agreed to by the parties is an extraordinary step in the right direction in terms of making sure disabled employees are given a full and fair opportunity to compete in the workplace,” said EEOC attorney Melvin Kennedy.

EEOC Regional Attorney Barbara Seely said, “While the terms of the consent decree only affect Tyson’s Sedalia facility, Tyson employs more than 117,000 people at more than 400 facilities and offices, and we are hopeful that the process we have agreed to works well enough that Tyson adopts it in other facilities.”

PMC Insurance Group offers various forms of Workers Compensation Insurance, please contact an insurance agent today!  

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NY Lawmakers To Consider Raising Minimum Wage To 8.50 An Hour

Author DavidMalloy , 3/28/2012
PMC Insurance Group NEW YORK – Hundreds of thousands of workers making minimum wage in New York could soon be getting a big raise.
Minimum wage workers haven’t seen a pay increase in three years. That could soon change, since State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver reportedly plans to introduce a bill today, raising the state’s minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $8.50. That’s a 17 percent increase. The bill would also require the rate to be adjusted annually for inflation. Nationwide, 18 states already have a higher minimum wage rate. Earlier this month, Silver spoke about the need to bring New York up to par. He said the current minimum wage is unrealistically low. “It’s absurd to expect anyone, let alone a working family, to afford the cost of living today,” he said. It’s an issue both Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Michael Bloomberg have championed recently. “The cost of living in New York City, like nearly everywhere else, has gone up,” Bloomberg said during his annual State of the City address. “And not just housing, but food, transit and all the key parts of a family’s budget. But there’s one thing that, in all fairness, hasn’t gone up: The ability of those at the bottom of the economic ladder to pay for those essential needs.”  

To keep a hold of your finances, contact your local insurance agent today!
This article courtesy of CBSNewYork  

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See What Our Satisfied Customers Had To Say About PMC Insurance Group

Author DavidMalloy , 3/26/2012

PMC Insurance Group

We pride ourselves on what our satisfied clients have to say

“I called PMC to see if they had a market for a large contractor and if they could turn it around in a couple of days. I had previously sent the account to one of my other markets and they kept putting me off. Then, at the last minute told me they didn’t have enough time to offer a quote. This seemed to be an excuse they were using not to write the account or assist our agency. Totally frustrated, I sent a submission to PMC. Because of their knowledge and relationship with the same carrier, they were able to get me a quote in 2 days and I closed the deal. They have a history with our agency of getting the job done when we really need it.” -Mary A. Arola, 

Alper Services LLC, Chicago, IL


“I am very impressed with the level of service PMC provides my staff here at Charles River Insurance Brokerage, Inc. Their expediting of accounts has been noticed by me and my staff, but most importantly our clients! I hope they keep up the good work and we look forward to working with them more.” - Gerry Kennedy, Charles River Insurance Brokerage, Framingham, MA  

Call us today and put our expertise to work for you!

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