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Provides insurance professionals with mortgage industry insight and is a resource P&C agents to learn more about protocols associated with insurance solutions for financial institutions. If you have relationships with financial institutions, visit to learn more about business best practices, industry trends, competitive advantages, and income producing opportunities.

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Work with banks or mortgage servicers? Start offering lender-placed insurance.

Author AmandaBowers , 4/11/2017
Proctor Financial, Inc.’s (PFI) REO Guard® is a Lender-Place Hazard Insurance program tailored for financial institutions with only real estate owned (REO) property portfolios. REO Guard® protects real estate owned (REO) properties and properties in foreclosure or default when no coverage is in place on behalf of financial institutions. REO Guard® provides optional liability coverage and can be bundled with property inspection services at the time of acquisition to verify the condition of the property on the date of possession.

6 Sales Best Practices for P&C Agents

Author AmandaBowers , 2/6/2017
PFI offers its agents a wide variety of products for the unique insurance needs of mortgage servicers, banks, credit unions, and private equity. PFI partners with multiple insurance carriers rated AM Best “A" or better to provide competitive terms and long term program stability. With over 45 + years in the lender-placed insurance industry, PFI will manage all surplus lines filings and provide marketing tools and sales assistance so agents can spend more time selling and servicing their clients.

6 Sales Best Practices for P&C Agents

Author AmandaBowers , 1/24/2017
Are you looking for new distribution strategies to increase profitability with financial institutions? Here are Proctor Financial's 6 sales best practices for Property & Casualty agents to solidify sales channel management.
  1. Have an overall perspective on insurance solution
    Valuable time and effort goes into acquiring new business relationships. Proctor enables agents to blend specialized business functionalities for more income-producing opportunities.

  2. Immerse yourself in all aspects of the market
    Prove your capabilities through industry knowledge by utilizing business relationships with subject matter experts. Proctor leverages its expertise for agents to deliver intelligently crafted insurance solutions to their clients.

  3. Minimize jargon
    Take the time to rephrase insurance documentation, so clients understand the situation and impact upfront. Proctor collaborates with agents to cater messaging to audience understanding.

  4. Provide illustrations
    Illustrate the intangible properties of insurance to successfully sell it. Proctor provides sales & marketing tools for agents to demonstrate specialty insurance offerings for their financial institution clients.

  5. Create a transparent communication system
    Establish flexible communication with clients to assure availability when questions or problems surface. Proctor streamlines communication to achieve optimal results for clients and reduced administration for agents.

  6. Maximize existing relationships
    Continue to prospect current clients to see if you can provide any additional solutions. Agents can access coverages through Proctor that would be hard to attain directly in delivering program stability for their clients.
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Lender-Placed Hazard Insurance Available in Every State

Author AmandaBowers , 11/7/2016
Do you have clients or prospects that are banks, credit unions, mortgage servicers, mortgage bankers, and/or financial entities?
If so, Proctor has a competitive market for you with its Mortgage Guard® product (lender-placed & REO hazard insurance).