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Provides insurance professionals with mortgage industry insight and is a resource P&C agents to learn more about protocols associated with insurance solutions for financial institutions. If you have relationships with financial institutions, visit to learn more about business best practices, industry trends, competitive advantages, and income producing opportunities.

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Lender-Placed Hazard Insurance Available in Every State

Author AmandaBowers , 11/7/2016
Do you have clients or prospects that are banks, credit unions, mortgage servicers, mortgage bankers, and/or financial entities?
If so, Proctor has a competitive market for you with its Mortgage Guard® product (lender-placed & REO hazard insurance).

Investor/Rental Property Coverage Considerations

Author MonicaSachdev , 4/19/2016
Large and small American investors are taking advantage of the current residential trends and are seizing the opportunity to expand their portfolios. Buying, renovating, and renting residential properties is becoming a mainstream alternative to traditional ways of earning income. As an investor, a traditional home owners policy may not provide enough protection to safeguard your assets; especially if the property is vacant. Understanding property and liability insurance coverages is a critical component for anyone that invests in rental real estate properties because it can dictate your business’ overall success and protect your valuable investment.