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Airbnb and VRBO properties: Short-term vacation rental insurance program With the unprecedented growth of Airbnb and VRBO, there was a huge need for a GA to develop a go-to program for this risk. Our program is the most comprehensive insurance coverage a vacation rental owner can purchase. Because we only offer one program, it allows us to solely focus on this niche short-term vacation rental industry, aka, the Airbnb and VRBO industry. Proper Insurance is an experienced program administrator that understands the needs of agents and brokers. Proper works closely with insurance agents and brokers throughout the United States, all 50 states. We know insurance brokers work hard to get their clients into the right coverage.

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Short-Term Vacation Rental Insurance Program

Author DarrenPettyjohn , 7/20/2018
Do you have clients in need of a specialty insurance product for their short-term rental properties, Airbnb, VRBO or traditional vacation rentals?

Airbnb & VRBO Insurance Program for Agents

Author DarrenPettyjohn , 7/11/2018
We understand there are many cases where direct bill is the right choice for you and your clients. Let Proper work with banks, escrows, and EPI’s. This allows you to do more selling! After some simple paperwork, you can get appointed and get a quote the same day. We also have custom marketing material, an online quoting platform, and online binding procedure!

Short-Term Vacation Rental Insurance Program

Author DarrenPettyjohn , 2/15/2018
As you know, the short-term vacation rental industry has grown exponentially in the past 5 years, because of this growth most cities are passing laws regulating short-term rentals. Most are requiring a permitting process.
Proof of Commercial Liability is a common requirement for owners to obtain a permit. Premise liability, and personal liability do not suffice, so owners are looking for commercial coverage that can replace their homeowner’s or DP dwelling policy.