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Scurich Insurance Services has been serving the Monterey Bay Area since 1924. Our mission is to partner with our customers and provide them superior service and value. We are a member of United Valley Insurance Services, Inc., a cluster of over 70 California Independent Insurance agencies, which produced over $530,000,000 of annual premium last year. At Scurich Insurance Services we understand your business and our community. Our customers look to us for comprehensive solutions. We have established relationships with more than 40 of the nation’s leading insurance providers, which allows us to deliver multiple, competitively-priced options and a team of experts to guide you through the process. When you need to file a claim, change a policy or process a certificate you can depend on Scurich Insurance Services to respond quickly to your request. SERVICES In order to provide value added benefits to our customers that go beyond the insurance policy Scurich Insurance Services offers the following additional services: Safety Programs – English and Spanish OSHA Compliance Safety Policies – English and Spanish Online OSHA 300 Log Safety Posters and Payroll Stuffers - English and Spanish Certificates of Insurance – If received before 3:30pm done the same day Risk Management Consulting Brokerage Services Represent most major insurance companies to better market your account. Safety tapes/DVD’s BUSINESS LINES Commercial Commercial Packages Business Auto Workers Compensation Umbrella Bonds Directors & Officers Professional Liability Employment Practices Liability Personal Auto Home Umbrella Recreational Vehicles Boatss Life & Health Individual Medical Individual Life Group Medical Group Benefits

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Floods, Cars, And Auto Insurance

Author TonyScurich , 9/30/2016

Floods happen - and nearly half of all deaths related to them involve vehicles, says the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The best advice for drivers during periods of heavy rain or flooding is to stay off the road. If that's not possible and you see signs of high water or stranded vehicles, pull over or take a different route ("Turn around, don't drown").

However, an unexpected flash flood can easily catch you unawares. If this happens, safety experts recommend taking these precautions to prevent an accident or a water-damaged car:

  • Never drive beneath an underpass during a heavy rainstorm because they're prone to flooding.
  • Be wary of water levels. According to FEMA it takes only one foot of water to float a car, or even an SUV, sweeping it off a bridge or down a road.
  • If your vehicle gets caught in a flood and stalls, or you lose control, get out before the car is carried downstream.
  • If you can't escape and your vehicle is going under, don't panic. Once the car is submerged, open the doors, hold your breath, and climb out.

The good news: If your car is involved in a flood-related accident, Auto insurance can make sure that you don't get swept away financially. Comprehensive coverage will pay for any type of damage to your car up to its actual cash value caused by natural events, such as flooding. If you hydroplane during a storm and flip your car or hit another vehicle or tree, Collision insurance will pay to repair it or cover the actual cash value of the car.

To learn more, please feel free to get in touch with our agency.


Saying 'I DO' To Wedding Insurance

Author TonyScurich , 7/22/2016

As the average cost of getting hitched keeps rising (to $27,000 in 2012), more and more couples are using Wedding Insurance to protect their investment against mishap - and help ensure peace of mind on this special day.

Wedding policies will reimburse you for losses due to:
  • Weather: The cost of rescheduling if the event has to be postponed because of rain or other bad weather.
  • Illness or injury to the bridal party. The expenses of postponing the wedding if essential people (such as the maid of honor or best man) can't be there.
  • A missing celebrant. Some of the costs if your minister, justice of the peace, rabbi, or other celebrant doesn't show up.
  • Missing vendors. Some, or all, of the expense (including rescheduling) if the caterer, florist, photographer, or other key vendor is missing in action.
  • Damage to the venue. Your losses if fire, electrical or mechanical outage, or going out of business makes the wedding or reception site unusable, forcing you to reschedule. (This coverage might not apply if the sites already carry insurance).
You can also buy coverage "riders" for a variety of other risks, ranging from a military service call-up to the bride or groom and damage to a wedding gown or tuxedo, to stolen or damaged gifts, and cancellation of your honeymoon due to illness, bad weather, or other mishap. If you're holding the ceremony in your home, you might also want Liability insurance in case a guest gets hurt or injures someone. Premiums can range from $100 to $1,000 (if you buy Liability coverage and host an open bar). We'd be happy to tailor a Wedding policy to meet your needs, and budget. Just give us a call.

Tips to clean out your gutter

Author TonyScurich , 9/23/2014
Now that you know what damage not cleaning your gutter can do to your home, we wanted to share some tips with you on cleaning that gutter out.
  1. Gutter 2Keep that ladder out and clean out all the debris that has been left in the gutter.  One way to do that is to use a pressure washer.  Keep that debris though, it could be used for mulch.
  2. Check all your spikes and make sure that the spikes are properly placed throughout the gutter.  You may need to consider getting some new ones, if warranted.
  3. Use bead silicon sealing to close up any leaks your gutter may have.  This sealant will be proven effective against rain, snow, and ice.
  4.  Inspect all the rivets that need to go into your gutter also.  It may be time to replace them.  Any local hardware store will have the rivets and a rivet gun for you to purchase.
  5. Before using the pressure washer, make sure your gutter is securely fastened with all the new rivets and spikes.
  6. If your gutters are rusted out, you may want to consider replacing them with aluminum or vinyl gutters.
Now that your gutters are all taken care of, let’s move onto the next in our home improvement series, chimney repair. Scurich Insurance Services can help you with all of your homeowners’ insurance needs.  Give them a call today. Content provided by Transformer Marketing. Source:

Gutter problems

Author TonyScurich , 9/23/2014
In an earlier article, we discussed tips to get your home ready for the fall season.  These tips are important, so there could be no potential denial of coverage should you need to file a claim. In this article, we want you to know what happens when you don’t clean out your gutter and the potential damage it could cause.
  • GutterLeaking gutters.  On the extreme side leaky gutters can also cause leaky roofs, mold, and it can rot away at the surroundings.
  • Leaky roofs.  If your gutter is filled with debris, any rain, snow, or ice, won’t be able to go anywhere, causing a leaky (and expensive repair) roof.
  • Basement leaks.  Gutters usually end up at the foundation of the house.  If there is any damage to the run off, then the water can wind up in your basement.
  • Rotted Wood.  Some houses and/or foundations are made of wood.  If the gutter is not properly taken care of, the build-up will cause wood to rot.
  • Cracks in foundation.  Same principle as above.  Any debris left can create cracks in the foundation.
This fall, don’t let your gutter get the best of you.  Stay tuned for Scurich’s tips to clean out your gutter. Content provided by Transformer Marketing.  

We're in a state of drought

Author TonyScurich , 1/24/2014
Scurich Insurance Services, CA, DroughtLast week Governor Jerry Brown declared California is in a drought.  A drought simply stated is a shortage of precipitation, whether it comes from rain or snow.  There just simply isn't any moisture in our lands.  Problems that can stem from a drought can become catastrophic.   Withered crops, high fire dangers, water shortages and livestock dying are just a few of the effects that a drought has on our land.   Unemployment is another effect that a drought will bring.  The loss of crops means no employment.  In 2009,  about 10,000 people lost their job due to the drought. According to Brown, who was in San Francisco last week, "The drought accentuates and further displays the conflicts between north and south and between urban and rural parts of the state. So, as governor, I'll be doing my part to bring people together and working through this." During this dry season, the rest of us need to be diligent as well.  Conserve as much water as we can, including washing dishes all at once, don't light fires when you're camping and use only propane stoves.  Right now, California is in danger of becoming a matchbox just waiting for the match to strike. According to 58 year old Kevin Kester, "I am a fifth-generation cattle rancher, and it has never been this bad ever in my lifetime — and from my family's history, it's never been anywhere close to this bad ever."   The last drought that was comparable to the one we're in now, according to his family's history was in the 1890's. Contact us today for a quote for your agribusiness. Content provided by Transformer Marketing and