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Suppression Pro Insurance Solutions has worked in the Fire Protection Contractors insurance industry for over 30 years. Due to the continued evolving industry and developing expertise of Suppression Pro Insurance Solutions, we have focused exclusively on this class of business. What we have learned about the fire protection industry is that it is very specialized and requires an expertise to really understand this trade. As a company we focused our efforts on working hand in hand with the agents and their insureds as well as being active in the industry through trade associations (NFPA, AFSA, NAFED, CALSAFE, FEDOT, FFEDA, etc.) which gives us the ability to grasp the depth of this trade.

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New Fire Protection Program for Contractors

Author TonyPena , 11/29/2016
When you are deciding where your client should go for the proper contractors fire protection coverage; it is important to assess the type of coverage needs for your client. It is a difficult market to place in today’s industry for fire protection; that is why our Fire Protection Contractors Insurance is the program your client needs.