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How does AL stack up in Auto Insurance rates?

Author JoelAustin , 4/3/2013
from A&A Insurance, ALWhere does your state rank? recently ranked all 50 states based on average annual car insurance premium in 2012. Way at the bottom of the list, the lowest average premium was $934; meanwhile the most expensive state averages at almost triple that amount with an average annual premium of $2,699. To figure out the average annual premium for each state, commissioned Quadrant Information Services to provide auto insurance rates for more than 750 car models from Allstate, Farmers, GEICO, Nationwide, Progressive and State Farm in 10 ZIP codes per state. Rates were then averaged for all vehicles in each state to create the rankings. A number of factors go into pricing car insurance, and those factors vary even more from state to state. According to Barbara Marquand, some of those factors include the number of insurers competing for business, driving conditions, the portion of drivers who are uninsured, and the way state insurance systems are set up. READ MORE.

Alabama Bans Texting While Driving Aug. 1 2012

Author JoelAustin , 3/27/2013
From A&A Insurance Starting Wednesday, texting, emailing and instant messaging while driving will become illegal in Alabama, with violators facing fines and possibly higher insurance rates. That is, if they don’t have a wreck first. Republican Rep. Jim McClendon of Springville persuaded lawmakers to approve legislation in April that made Alabama one of 39 states to ban the practice. His legislation delayed enforcement until Aug. 1 to allow the public and police to become familiar with the law. Proponents don’t expect a flood of tickets in the coming weeks because they expect most motorists to comply like they do with the state law requiring the use of seat belts.   “This law has nothing to do with numbers of citations issue. It’s about safety — like the seat belt law,” said Maj. Keith Barnett, traffic division commander at the Montgomery Police Department. Alabama’s Public Safety Department reports that distraction from an electronic communication device caused 1,256 accidents in Alabama in 2010, including five deaths. That was 1 percent of the accidents investigated in Alabama in 2010 _ the most recent year with statewide statistics available. “It is reasonable to assume that these are conservative numbers because it is often difficult to determine that these devices contributed to the crashes because the drivers conceal this fact or because they were killed in the crash,” department spokesman Steve Jarrett said. McClendon, who worked six years to get the law enacted, predicted it will result in fewer crashes. “I know we are going to save lives,” he said. Research on distracted driving by the University of Alabama at Birmingham shows the typical driver looks away from the road for 4.6 seconds while texting. When driving 55 mph, that’s enough time to travel the length of a football field. Alabama’s new law allows police to stop motorists for writing, sending or reading text messages, instant messages or emails while driving. Several Alabama cities already ban texting while driving, but some prohibit police from stopping a motorist unless the driver is already doing something else illegal, such as speeding. The state law is broader because it doesn’t require a second offense to make a stop, Barnett said. State troopers have not gone through any special training on how to enforce the law. “It is simply a matter of applying common sense and the basic principles of law enforcement,” Jarrett said. A ticket is $25 for the first offense, $50 for the second, and $75 for the third and subsequent offenses. Court costs, which can be $100 or more, are added to the fine. A violation also puts two points on a driver’s record at the state Department of Public Safety. McClendon said auto insurance companies keep an eye on those points, and violators could see their insurance rates go up. “It’s not going to be cheap,” he said. The law contains exceptions for contacting emergency services and for messages sent when a car is parked on the shoulder of the road. It also allows drivers to read, but not program, global positioning systems, or GPS, while moving, and it allows the use of voice-activated communications systems like many new models have.   Joel Austin A&A Insurance 1228 Jordan Lane Huntsville, Al 35816 (P) 256-489-9735 Website | Email

A&A Offers Travelers Insurance expertise

Author JoelAustin , 3/20/2013
Enter your zip code and get free advice and quotes! We only work with the best...we do the shopping for you so you get straight to the point and on your way. A&A Insurance, AL                   Joel Austin A&A Insurance 1228 Jordan Lane Huntsville, Al 35816 (P) 256-489-9735 Website | Email  

Travelers Insurance

Author JoelAustin , 3/13/2013
A & A Insurance is happy to offer only the top rated carriers for all your needs. Call us today so we can analyze your insurance needs. A & A Insurance   Joel Austin A&A Insurance 1228 Jordan Lane Huntsville, Al 35816 (P) 256-489-9735 Website | Email

Is your Repair shop protected?

Author JoelAustin , 3/12/2013
Author : Heather Pickens A&A Insurance Your shop is your livelihood, your pride and joy. You have worked hard to build up a clientele. That is what makes it so much more difficult when you are watching smoke billowing from the building. In Missoula, Montana a large automotive shop caught fire in the mid-morning hours. Firefighters rushed to the scene and found smoke and flames around the eaves and the overhead doors in the front. Within 10 minutes, crews were able to get the flames under control, but not without injury to one of the firefighters. During an emergency, automotive shops can be difficult for emergency crews to navigate. Fuels, oils, and various chemicals used in an automotive shop are extremely hazardous and can cause a lot of damage if they are ignited. If they are set ablaze, the damage could be far more extensive then just your building, your equipment can all be damaged or completely destroyed. Making sure your company and equipment are covered in Alabama and able to be replaced after an accident,  are vital to keeping your business thriving and getting back on its feet after tragedy. Having the right policy to fit your business and its needs can be a complex decision. The brokers at A&A Insurance are helpful, and they will help you go over their various auto repair shop policies to find what will give your shop the best protection.   Don't own a repair shop, not to worry...we have been helping all sorts of local business with their insurance needs. Call us for more on our competitive Commercial rates.   Joel Austin A&A Insurance 1228 Jordan Lane Huntsville, Al 35816 (P) 256-489-9735 Website | Email

National Frozen Food Month and other whacky holidays

Author JoelAustin , 3/8/2013
LOL Who Knew??? Boy we seem to celebrate everything in this great country of ours...take a look at some whacky Holidays we all celebrate! A&A Insurance
  • National Bubble Week
  • National Salesperson Day (this is when we have to be nice to telemarketers??)
  • Old Stuff Day
  • If Pets Had Thumbs Day
  • Be Nasty Day (ookkaayy if you say so)
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Parents Beware Teen drivers!

Author JoelAustin , 3/8/2013
A&A InsuranceHas your teen just started driving and is pestering you about a new car? YEAH RIGHT..Well, before we go there, lets talk about insurance. Teenagers are already expensive LOL but when it comes to driving....the choice you make can hurt you in the long run. So beware! Check this out then call A&A Insurance: Among teen drivers, those at especially high risk for motor vehicle crashes are:
  • Males: In 2010, the motor vehicle death rate for male drivers and passengers ages 16 to 19 was almost two times that of their female counterparts.
  • Teens driving with teen passengers: The presence of teen passengers increases the crash risk of unsupervised teen drivers. This risk increases with the number of teen passengers.
  • Newly licensed teens: Crash risk is particularly high during the first months of license.
So talk to your teen and then talk to us so we can help protect that car! We know an accident will happen eventually, lets minimize the hassle, and cost. Be safe out there Alabama!
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A&A Launch Social Program to reach out to clients

Author JoelAustin , 3/6/2013
We are very excited to announce the launch of the new A&A Insurance Social Networking program. This program is designed to reach out to our clientele to provide educational articles, updates, and information regarding recent news and trends in the insurance industry. You will be able to interact directly with A&A Insurance professionals to give feedback on how we can improve our products. All this can be done on your favorite social site. In addition, by using these trusted social media sites we will be able to increase our communication regarding various topics of interest to you. A&A InsuranceIf you are a member of these sites, you can access the A&A Insurance links here: Facebook | LinkedIn We are also proud to unveil our newly designed website that is very user friendly. Please stop by and check it out! We encourage you to review our educational articles which pertain to you, your family and your business. Check out our blog which is updated daily. We are excited to use the power of social media to continue to build our strategic partnerships through enhanced communication and we are eager to see your interaction through the A&A Insurance social media sites. Sincerely, Joel Austin A&A Insurance 1228 Jordan Lane Huntsville, Al 35816 (P) 256-489-9735 Website | Email

February is Heart Health Awareness

Author JoelAustin , 2/27/2013
February is known as American Heart Awareness Month. A&A Insurance Heart-AwarenessHeart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. That is why the month of February is dedicated to raising awareness on heart disease. Educate yourself on the dangers your heart can be exposed to as well as staying on track maintaining a healthy heart. Taking good care of your heart means controlling your risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, physical inactivity, and being overweight. Having just one risk factor increases your risk of developing heart disease, and your risk skyrockets with each added risk factor. Know your risks for heart disease and heart attack
  • Know your risk factors, adjust to your lifestyle
  • Retain wellness check-ups with your healthcare provider, ask questions to better understand your health.
  • Know your family history.
Make healthy choices every day. You can lower your risk of heart disease and heart attack by taking simple steps every day.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Be active. Exercise regularly.
  • Be smoke-free.
  • Limit alcohol use.
  • Get a good night’s rest
Help us spread awareness of the disease and share with family and friends in your life, to know that preventive measures are important in maintaining good health! Here’s to a healthier heart and a better world.   A&A Insurance Personal Insurance in Alabama, Commercial Insurance in Alabama, Group Life  Insurance in Alabama 1228 Jordan Lane Huntsville, Al 35816 (P) 256-489-9735

A&A Insurance goes social

Author JoelAustin , 2/12/2013
Welcome to our new blog! Please leave your comments here and let us know how we're doing. A&A Insurance, AL