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I would like to take a moment to introduce myself – I am Karla Leonard-David, CEO of IMI Asset Management Company. I hold a double B.A. in Business Economics and Art History. IMI Stands for Investment Management International and was originally founded in 1995. In 2012, IMI went through a complete transformation. That transformation included implementing a complete social media presence. I have designed and write an educational blog that is posted to my personal and company Facebook and LinkedIn pages. These articles are a tool to inform and educate on financial planning topics. The biggest part of that transformation occurred when IMI became a full service asset management company. IMI has partnered with Jerry Vines, MBA, EA and the Law Office of Sharon Morff, to offer a fully engaged estate planning package, designed specifically to your goals. Most people do not have a solid financial plan. A reason for this is that most lack insight into what is going on in the financial industry. I realize that the process of creating a strategy for retirement can feel pretty intimidating which is why I am constantly searching for new materials, whether they are videos, articles or just questions and answers to share with everyone. IMI Asset Management Company is focused on the belief that our customers’ needs are first. I am committed to meeting those needs. I am a firm believer of the personal touch, which is so lost in today’s world. As a result, a high percentage of IMI’s business is from repeat client business and referrals. IMI Asset Management Company was selected in 2012 by the USCA as the recipient of the Best of Rancho Cucamonga Awards in Financial Planning. We want you to be able to assess, from these insights, your financial portfolio to ascertain that it is aligned with your ultimate goals for your retirement and passing your estate probate free down to your heirs. We strive to make sure you evade the costliness that can result from poor planning. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best individual and personalized service in the industry in helping you obtain your goals. We invite you to come “join” our IMI Family.

VA weeks, months late paying student veterans

Author KarlaLeonard , 10/8/2012
  Taken from: NBC News By Bill Briggs, NBC News contributor Student veterans hired by the Department of Veterans Affairs to help fellow ex-service members transition into college have routinely waited four to six weeks — and, in one case, four months — for unpaid wages, prompting eviction worries and mounting debt, according to a survey of program members obtained by NBC News. Ashley Metcalf, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan — and the student veteran who organized the survey of other VA "work-study" employees at 18 campuses — said he’s been living on credit cards since June and was forced to obtain an emergency loan because the VA has failed to compensate him for about 100 hours he's logged in the VA program. “How can this happen? If I was working for McDonald’s and they said they’re not going to pay me for 10 weeks, I’d have a lawsuit,” said Metcalf, an Air Force veteran now enrolled at the University of Colorado Denver. “We’re not asking for a raise or for extra benefits. We’re just asking the VA to do what it said it would do: pay us on time,” Metcalf said. Click here to read the entire article.

Rise in Market Sign of Economic Recovery

Author KarlaLeonard , 10/1/2012
Home Prices Rise - IMI Asset Management - CATaken from: Reuters By Leah Schnurr  
U.S. home prices rose for a sixth straight month in July in the latest sign of a sustainable housing market recovery, while a jump in consumer confidence this month offered a harbinger that Americans are ready to loosen their spending. Six years after its collapse, economists believe the housing market has turned a corner. Two separate reports on Tuesday showed that home prices rose in July, though the gains were not as strong as the previous month. That follows recent data that home resales and groundbreaking on new properties rose in August, while business sentiment among homebuilders hit a more than six-year high this month. The S&P/Case Shiller composite index of 20 metropolitan areas rose 0.4 percent in July on a seasonally adjusted basis. Economists had expected a gain of 0.9 percent, which would have matched June's advance. Case Shiller is one of the most closely watched barometers of the U.S. housing market To read full article, click here.   IMI Asset Managemert Co offers Financial Advice, Retirement Plans, Annuities, Life Insurance, and valuable information to help you make informed decisions about your finances. Serving California Residents Since 1995 Phone 888-383-3068 Website | Email Us

Professional Athletes Need a Retirement Plan Too

Author KarlaLeonard , 9/24/2012
Financial Advising for Professional Athletes - IMI Asset Management CoEven professional athletes must remember that the money may not last forever. Many professional athletes lack the foresight to save their money when they have it because they don’t expect to ever be without. As many ex-professional athletes are finding out though, this is often not the case. According to Sports Illustrated, seventy-eight percent of NFL players are under financial stress or bankrupt just two years into retirement. Within five years of retirement, 60 percent of NBA players have no money left. NBA agent, Brian Samuels stated, “Today’s athletes need to be planning beyond their playing career. The planning process needs to begin early for their post-career.” The average career of a professional athlete is typically 3-5 years. This means that you must plan for 50 years of retirement. The trick to that is finding a financial advisor in CA that can help you manage the large amounts of money you receive during your career, so that you will not be left without retirement money. During your time as a professional athlete, you will likely earn more money per year than ever before or ever again in your lifetime. This is exactly why it is crucial to make sure that you have someone qualified guiding you through your spending, saving habits, and your investment decisions. Speaking with a financial advisor will free you from the stress of thoughts of bankruptcy in your retirement years. It will help you assess your current standing, highlight potential problem areas, and secure the comfortable retirement you dreamed of. Many assume that athletes are careless or wasteful about their money, but in a majority of instances, the biggest problem is not having experience budgeting, investing, and managing their current finances. It’s important professional athletes start asking themselves about their retirement plans and goals. Meeting with a financial advisor will help you avoid the path to financial devastation and allow for a comfortable retirement.  Contact IMI Asset Management for information about how we can help you plan for your future!

Retiring Soon? Why Not Be Comfortable

Author KarlaLeonard , 9/17/2012
IMI Asset Management CompanyFirst off, congratulations on your life accomplishments! You have only a few years to go until you can either retire officially or maybe you are retiring tomorrow! You might have plans to visit your children and grandchildren! Maybe you plan on taking up a few new hobbies to keep yourself busy, after working 80 plus hours a week for 40 years! Have you made plans for the remaining time you have left in the workforce? People are always looking for challenges to overcome or barriers to break through. It’s a natural to want something to do, something to strive for, excellence to perfect. Retirement will come when it comes, but until that day, you want to remain as active and energetic as possible. How can you best accomplish this you may ask. Well, here are some ideas:
  • Tell your manager that you want to make a real contribution during your last couple of years at work. Or, if you are the boss, just do it! Are there any particular projects with a three or four year window to which you could be assigned?
  • Take time to be a mentor to the younger staff people. They might already come to you looking for wisdom. Offer them advice or help them to learn an additional skill set. Gently point out things they might want to consider improving. Listen to them when they want someone to just talk to.
  • Volunteer to be on some committees. Even chair a few. You have the knowledge and experience of knowing what has and hasn’t worked in the past. The organization needs you.
  • Prepare the way for your replacement by starting a journal or work log recording problems that arise and how you resolve them. Make sure all the procedures and policies are updated. Offer to train staff that might be interested in learning about your job.
  • Raise your retirement fund number. Say you have it set at $1,284,102, raise it to $1,300,000 by your retirement date and hit that mark!
There are lots of things that you can do to make your last couple of years pleasant, productive, and enjoyable for you and your retirement plan! For more information on hitting your retirement number, contact IMI Asset Management Company today!  

Choosing Deferred or Immediate Annuitites

Author KarlaLeonard , 9/10/2012
IMI Asset Management CompanyDeferred AnnuitiesFor the following reasons, deferred annuities are great for those who are constructing long-term retirement plans:
  • Payments made on income taxes will be deferred until the money is withdrawn.
  • There is a death benefit with deferred annuities. Individuals who die before collecting on their annuity will be glad to know that their heirs will receive their contribution payments. In addition, heirs will receive any investment earnings minus the amount of cash withdrawals made, if any, during the annuity owner's life.
  • In contrast to an IRA or 401(k) product, there are no limits placed on annual contributions for a deferred annuity.
Immediate Annuities. These products allow individuals to take a lump sum of money and convert it into an annuity. By doing this, the individual will receive a regular income. As a general rule, payments begin approximately one month following the purchase of the annuity product. Immediate annuities give owners financial security by offering structured payments for the remainder of the individual's life. This means that it is impossible to outlive the annuity, which is a very attractive benefit. In addition to possessing this excellent feature, immediate annuities also offer owners the following advantages:
  • Owners may supplement their current income. For those who are nearing retirement age, it's best to think about transferring funds from another investment or savings account into an immediate annuity. It's also possible to transfer proceeds that come from a deferred annuity into an existing immediate annuity.
  • If annuity payments are classified as earnings, owners must only pay taxes for that specific portion of their immediate annuity. There is no tax for the portion that is classified as the principal amount, which is the original deposit made with money that has already been taxed.
  • Immediate annuities may be variable or fixed, which makes them similar to deferred annuities in this respect. Immediate annuity payments that are fixed are connected to the amount the individual decides to contribute, the interest rate established at the time of purchase and the age of the individual. Payments made to the owners of these annuities will not rise or fall. However, immediate annuity payments that are variable will fluctuate based on the specific investments the owner chooses.
Deciding which type of annuity to purchase might seem confusing. Since each individual's circumstances vary, it's best to speak with an IMI Asset Management Company agent for assistance in analyzing personal data and determining the best choice for a specific situation. * Liquidated earnings are subject to ordinary income tax, may be subject to surrender charges and, if taken prior to age 59 1/2, may be subject to a 10% federal income tax penalty. Guarantees and payment of lifetime income are contingent on the claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

Happy Labor Day from IMI Asset Management Co!

Author KarlaLeonard , 9/3/2012
IMI Financial - Rancho Cucamonga, CA Happy Labor Day from IMI Asset Management! We hope everyone has a great holiday! If you’re looking for great deals or freebies offered today, be sure to check the local paper and look online. We’ve found a few good deals from the holiday weekend that are sure to make your family happy!
  • Through Labor Day, you can order a strawberry banana, tropical mango, or raspberry fruit smoothie at participating Burger King restaurants for just $1. No coupon is required (regularly $2.29 or more).
  • If you’re headed to Ikea this morning, Ikea serves free breakfast before 11 a.m. Plan on going later in the day? As long as you spend $100 dollars on home furnishings this holiday, you’ll receive a free meal for you and your family.  Ikea spokeswoman says, "eat first, hold on to the receipt, then show the cashier when they are checking out with their purchases."
We also found one great freebie for active-duty military and their families:
  • Active-duty military members and their families can enjoy free museum admission on Labor Day. The free admission program, which began May 28th and ends today, was made possible by The Blue Star Museums program, a collaboration of the National Endowment of the Arts, Blue Star Families, the Department of Defense, and more than 1,800 museums across America.
Again, we hope you have a great holiday. Be safe and be sure to contact IMI Asset Management located in Rancho Cucamonga for any questions about managing your finances after the holiday.

Thriving Metropolitian Areas are Better for Job Seekers of All Education Levels

Author KarlaLeonard , 8/27/2012
IMI Financial - Rancho Cucamonga, CAAs our country continues to pull itself out of the wake of the recession, many studies have been done to coorelate education levelss, employment rates and job opportunities. The Brookings Institution, a private nonprofit organization devoted to independent research, analyzed the educational requirements for jobs in the 100 largest metro areas in the United States.  What it concluded was that places with a higher concentration of college graduates have better job opportunities for both those people with college degrees and those who have their high school diploma or GED. (1) Jonathan Rothwell, senior policy analyst at Brookings and author of its recent report explains,"Metro areas with highly educated workers create opportunities for less educated workers." Educated workers tend to be paid more and, in turn, they spend more on eating in restaurants, shopping, and vacations -- all of which are typically staffed by people with less education. IMI Asset Managemert Co offers Financial Advice, Retirement Plans, Annuities, Life Insurance, and valuable information to help you make informed decisions about your finances. Serving California Residents Since 1995 Phone 888-383-3068 Website | Email Us Sources: (1) The Brookings Institution -

Teachers be advised!

Author KarlaLeonard , 8/20/2012
Teachers can make big mistakes when planning their retirement. Don't fall into the usual traps! Read our document on 10 Biggest Mistakes you need to know about and Avoid!

Why do I need to think about Life Insurance when I am only 30 years old

Author KarlaLeonard , 8/13/2012
You may think that being 30 means you can blow off the thought of Life insurance, but think again. If you die, who will pay back your student loans, that new car, or those credit cards? You might be thinking, "Hey, I'm dead who cares?" but your creditors will want to collect, so make no need a back up plan! IMI Asset Management CoDo your family a favor an purchase a life insurance policy now -- while the rates are excellent for you. Fill our out form if you want some good one on one advice on where to start! [formidable id=14 title=true]

Why do I need an Annuity?

Author KarlaLeonard , 8/6/2012
IMI Asset Management CoDo you know anyone who has worked thier entire life, only to retire with no idea how thye will make ends meet? An annuity can ensure that the income is there to make those ends meet. Allianz fixed index annuities allow you to have some guarantees while taking advantage of possibilities.  With an Allianz fixed annuity you can: Protect your principal from market fluctuations - Take advantage of potential growth from index interest - Benefit from tax deferral.   Allianz fixed annuities also offer guaranteed minimum interest rates, the opportunity for lifetime income, and more! Not sure yet if this is what you need? Fill out our simple form below and we will call you back! [formidable id=14 title=true]