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Preston Diamond Preston Diamond , 12/4/2013
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“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” 

Jack Canfield. 

So is it fair to say that "success is on the other side of fear?"
Why does this fear overcome the knowledge you have of your past proven successes. How do I know this without knowing many of you personally? 
If I may be blunt and a bit reckless, this might be the best way to imprint this critical success factor: "Balls beat brains much of the time."
Tattoo this in your long-term memory: make fear, and all that it means a forgotten word in the selling process;
Your prospects might fear hiring you because:

You sound like the other five agents who called them recently;
You die in the sea of sameness over and over again;
You offer no solid empirical proof to back up your words by turning your promises into              
Proof that you turn your promises into performance ignites pride in your soul. Think about it. Pride conquers fear for your prospects as well, as you prove again and again that you have you become a valuable asset to current clients through your Academy Award-winning performances for them.
How do I know this? 
Simple. You probably have a book of business with more than 100 clients who tossed away their fear to take their insurance journey with you.  If you’re thinking, “I quoted and I won,” think again! Few, if any, of these people bought from you – or have remained clients – based primarily on price.
Do yourself a favor. Be absolutely transparent.  Tell each new prospect: "Most of us, including me, fear making a change.  My job in working with you is proving that our agency can turn our promises to performance – as we have done for many other clients.  My job in working with you is to prove that we can provide the same value to you.  Unless I do this, I don’t deserve your business."
Now go out and write a five-figure revenue client!