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Preston Diamond Preston Diamond , 12/27/2013
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‘Tis the season.  So use this checklist to see how you stack up against jolly old Saint Nick.
“Ho, Ho, Ho!” Everyone knows what this means and who utters these words. Have you etched your “Ho, Ho, Ho” on your client’s minds so they know you as well? Santa markets each day. Do you?
Profitable Growth 
Santa serves more clients each year. Do you? Santa fires those who haven’t been nice. Do you “fire” clients who haven’t been nice? (i.e., profitable) Do you have more policies per client this year than last?
Santa keeps clients for life. Does each client know your job is to keep them for life? Does your retention rate keep increasing each year? Check it now.
Client Visits 
Santa visits each client annually. Do you and each “A” client execute and sign a mutual annual Performance Promise Agreement that spells out each party’s responsibilities, including terms of client service?
Who doesn’t trust Santa? Have you earned the trust of all your clients? If so, no client should write a check to any other agent or insurance company you don’t control – and you should be getting an endless stream of referrals.
Santa knows what you want. He checks your list twice. Do you know what’s on your clients’ insurance list? Have you built a 2014 insurance plan for each client, based on today’s economy and insurance market?
Time Management  
Santa is always on time, never late. Do you turn your promises into performance? Is your service eye-blink quick? 
Selling Through Adversity 
Have you ever flown from the North Pole in an open-air vehicle in December telling 9 reindeer (if you include Rudolph) where to go? This makes dealing with a simple "no" from a prospect seem easy! Remember Winston Churchill’s adage: “Never, never, ever give up.”
Santa has a sleigh full. Do you have at least 50 written/video testimonials, from clients in multiple industries? Do you have your client’s picture on their stationery to use in marketing and in each presentation?
Niche Marketing
Santa is highly focused. Spreading cheer is his only product and he does it lavishly well. If you're not c firmly entrenched in your “bulls-eye,” target 4-1-2014 as your blast off.
Client Knowledge
Santa knows you intimately. Do you know your clients' family member names, hobbies, likes and dislikes? Do you celebrate their personal occasions? People buy. Businesses don’t.
Closing Ratio
Everyone Santa visits gives him an order. Do you get orders from potential clients at least 80% of the time?
Are you as high-tech and high-touch as Santa? Does your web site separate you from other agents or does it die in the sea of sameness? Does it build credibility? Can your clients transact business on your site? Does it generate income? Are you “paperless?”? Do you provide a stress-free, wellness-oriented office environment? Through it all, do you stay “high touch” with clients?