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Preston Diamond Preston Diamond , 2/3/2014
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Try drawing “risk management” on the back of your business card or on a piece of paper. 

Now, ask your team members to draw risk “management.” How many of these drawings will be similar or identical? 

Very few, if any. 

Do you think your prospects will understand “risk management” better when you talk about it or when you draw it? 

Let's revisit the question: '"How many of your drawings are similar or identical?" 

People make decisions by instantly drawing mind pictures of what you say.  If your buyer can’t draw “risk management” in her mind, she can't see it. If she can't see it, she can't understand it – and if she can't understand it, the chances are that she won’t buy it (unless you happen to have the lowest price).

How many times have you heard people say, "I see what you're saying" – compared to how often they say, “I hear what you're saying “?

Who watches TV when the picture goes out?  How many billboards do you see without pictures?


Pictures jump-start the mind. They create understanding. Thirty seconds of showing equals seven single- spaced typewritten pages (3,000 words). 

Pictures tell the story you want to tell. This is the best and possibly the easiest way to sell. Tell stories. Draw pictures. Have fun. Write business.