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Preston Diamond Preston Diamond , 2/21/2014
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“Never give up. Never, never, never, never give up.”

 Attributed to Winston Churchill.
(Estimates of how many "nevers" vary)
One great measure of success is how tenacious you are in staying in touch with prospects.  This is simple – it’s just not easy!
How long should you keep call on a prospect? If you guessed until "one of you dies," congratulations!

Because there are so many potential prospects, why not give up after a certain point and move on?  This is a valid argument – but only for prospects you didn’t really have a chance to get in the first place. If you believe that the prospect is right for you and your agency, don’t give up!

Start keeping score. The first step is to monitor each “touch” closely; did you contact them by e-mail (with their approval), snail mail, phone, etc.  To convince the prospect that you’re serious, you need to show them accurate records of efforts to contact them.
 Do you monitor each touch closely? That’s step number one. Note how you "touched" the prospect this first time: E-mail (with permission), snail mail, phone etc. Only when you possess accurate records will you have a chance to convince the prospect that you’re serious.
Here’s an example:
For three years I had been sending140 prospects a monthly letter, together with a quarterly report tailored to their business.
In one particular case, whenever I tried to follow up with the prospect by phone (whether during the day or after hours), I always ended up in her voice mail. So, I sent her this fax:
           “I want to work with you, Cheryl.

 “During the past three years I’ve mailed you 36 letters with significant information tailored to help you make money and reduce your business costs.

“You have also received 12 bulletins targeted at your industry – construction.
“I’ve left 24 voice mail messages for you. Am I mistaken that we're a good business fit?
“After all these contacts, you might consider me a nuisance. I don’t want to be that. I just want to work with you. Please take a moment and let me know if I should continue to contact you.
“With the permission of these clients, here’s a partial list of contractors we work with. Feel free to call anyone on this lit so you can learn how our agency turns our promises into performance.

“When your business suffers a disaster, I know that you would want someone as persistent as I to make sure the insurance company writes the check you and your employees expect.”

Feel free to vary the wording to what works for you.

The idea is simple. Track your contacts to continue to show them that you care about doing business with them.

If a prospect won’t return your phone calls, fax him or her a “message return slip” that you’ve blown up to 8.5” by 11”. Handwrite your message “Please call (your name and phone number)” Add humor when you don’t receive a call back.
After trying to reach another prospect for a full year, I Fed-Xed an unsolicited, but impressive proposal, with “To be determined” where the figures go. I made sure that the date, three years into the future, was prominent on the cover and on each page. The package also included my usual cover letter, dated three years in advance.

I expected a call. When I got it, I told the prospect, “I need to earn your business. I figure that it will take three years.” It didn’t.

So, what’s the purpose of this blog? Change the rules and make new rules. Be persistent, consistent, and creative – all essential traits of a great producer. You are a great producer, aren’t you?

If you’re truly ready to give up, here's one more try:

Mail the prospect white handkerchief with this wording: "Certainly there are times when one has to ‘raise the white flag of surrender." I feel that this is the right time. I hope the educational material t I sent you has helped drive money in your door or solved a pressing problem. You will continue to receive our monthly bulletin.

“P.S: May I etch my phone number one more time in your memory...555-333-3333?”

However, I, Pres Diamond, hope you never give up and that I can see you give your Churchill  “V for Victory” sign after you turn another prospect into a client.