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Preston Diamond Preston Diamond , 2/25/2014
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There’s nothing wrong with being professional; it just means that you blend in with the other professionals. To get new clients, you’ll have find ways of standing out from the crowd.  

You certainly can be memorably professionally – even professionally memorable. 

Although this isn’t rocket science, it’s not easy. You’ll need to think differently, blending an unwavering  and disciplined focus with creativity and flexibility. 

Here are a few ways to make yourself a memorable professional:

  • Take clients and prospects to local workshops/seminars. Find a business educational event that triggers a thought about a client or prospect who might like it and learn from it. Invite this person and ask her to bring a business buddy. The idea is to stoke ideas and conversation that your agency can use to help your guests. Invite them to a follow-up breakfast ASAP where you and they can chat about implementation.
  • Host client/prospect business meetings or events in your conference/training room/parking lot. Be sure to sit in on these events and meet the attendees.
  • Host client appreciation breakfasts or lunches. The guest speaker should be a local business owner or professional who is widely respected. He or she should give a 20 to 30-minute talk and then take questions. This approach can be especially effective with attorneys, CPAs, and other “centers of influence.”
  • Invite new teenage drivers to your office quarterly. Have them spend 45 minutes or so listening to and viewing pictures of auto accident victims presented by someone from the coroner's office. 
  • Honor your clients publicly by running an article in the local media. For example, “Acme Insurance Agency is pleased to recognize our client, John Harris Construction, for receiving the Vanderburgh County Contractors’ Association Contractor of the Year award.”
Let's test your boldness meter. Just insure a new restaurant? Volunteer to dress like a cup of coffee. Stand in front of the building during morning rush holding a coffee -shaped sign that says: "I'm Jim's insurance guy helping him kick off his new business. Stop in and have a complimentary cup on our agency.”